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Audio Solutions for Education

Collaboration technology and impeccable audio quality in the education space has been an area of focus for Yamaha since the beginning.

Yamaha thrives on improving performance and creating unique, modern learning spaces—after all, new learning needs new environments—so, we must allow that technology to be a driving force in education as well.


Dean's List Discount

Through the Dean’s List program, all U.S.-based K-12 schools, colleges, universities and other qualified institutions will be able to experience Yamaha quality at reduced pricing.

NEW! Education eBook: Learning Starts With Audio

In this e-book, we’ve outlined why audio is important in learning settings, popular use cases for implementing enhanced audio and our recommendations for a natural, high-quality experience.

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Mike-Fitch.jpgOur Dean’s List Program has been beneficial to educational organizations for years, but by increasing the discount, we’re showing that we are even more committed than before to helping future generations gain access to such tools at affordable prices.

- Mike Fitch, VP of Sales and Marketing,
Yamaha Unified Communications

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Yamaha's New ADECIA Solution provides a complete audio solution perfect for educational institutions.

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