Finding the Right Setup For Your Microphone System

Date published: 12/30/2015

Flexible work environments and reconfigurable office spaces present particular challenges to conference audio solutions providers. Yet through the appropriate implementation of wireless, wired, and networked microphone products, often in tandem with DSP, integrators can arrive at an intelligible solution.

“When I teach audio classes for InfoComm, I always start out by explaining that the two most critical components in any sound system design is selecting the right transducers: the right speaker and the right mic,” said Gordon Moore, president of Lectrosonics. “If you do that, everything else falls into place. If you don’t, it doesn’t matter what’s in the middle, it’s not going to work well.”

Selecting the right microphone for flexible environments such as huddle spaces is especially important, he said, “Because the failure to choose properly is taking an already complex acoustical situation and making it impossible to contend with.” There is another issue: “You never know where [people] are going to be sitting and where to place the microphone.”

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