Speech Privacy System


With new Info-Masking Technology, the VSP-2 is a speech privacy system that prevents information leakage by reducing human voice intelligibility for the accidental, external listener. Features 2" by 2" micro speakers and a control unit with 3 easily-adjustable sound elements.
Speech Privacy System Use Case 1

Speech Privacy > Sound Masking:

Utilizes a custom combination of natural sounds to mask sensitive information at up to 8db lower than traditional sound masking systems.

Sounds include:
  • Speech Sound Masker: Made from elements of a human voice
  • Environmental Sound: Forest Sound, Murmuring Brook, Urban Clatter, Room Air Conditioner
  • Sound Effect: Guitar, Piano, Music box, Digital Device
Speech Privacy System Use Case 2

Easy Installation, Post Build-Out:

No need to cut through existing structures! Compact micro speakers are easily installed or retrofitted in existing conference rooms using the included mounting solutions.

Available for mounting using Yamaha's RM-MRK rack mount and included screws.


Speech Privacy System Use Case 3

Ideal Corporate Office Solution:

Increases background noise level high enough to cover nearby conversations and prevent accidental listening in small open work areas, conference rooms, or executive offices.

Includes either 2, 4, or 8 speakers, covering a range of up to 250 sq feet per speaker (2,000 sq feet max) 
Speech Privacy System Use Case 4

Supports Conversations Without Distractions:

Provides up to 65% higher masking performance at the same sound level as other conventional sound masking methods, creating a relaxing acoustic environment free from distractions.

Models Available

VSP-2 Control Unit


VSP-2 Control Unit
  • Table-top control unit with simple UI 
  • Connects to speakers via wire (included)

  • Includes 3 easily-adjustable sound elements: “Speech Sound Masker”, “Environmental Sound”, and “Sound Effect”, and does not require wall mounting.

    • Speech Sound Masker: Made from elements of a human voice

    • Environmental Sound: Forest Sound, Murmuring Brook, Urban Clatter, Room Air Conditioner

    • Sound Effect: Guitar, Piano, Music box, Digital Device

VSP-2 Speakers


VSP-2 Speakers
  • Comes in White or Black
  • Tuned for VSP-CU2
  • Up to 8 Speakers with one VSP-CU2
  • Outside of meeting rooms: about 12 feet per speaker – maximum of 100 feet protection with one VSP-CU2 and 8 speakers
  • For open work areas: about one speaker per 250 sqfeet, maximum of 2,000 sqfeet with one VSP-CU2 and 8 speakers
  • Easily mounted to the wall or ceiling using included mounting solution

Want to know if the VSP-2 is right for you?
Check out our Design Guide for More Info!

Specs & Details

VSP-CU2 Specs & Details

Nominal impedance
4 VSP-2s are connected: 4Ω / 2 or 8 VSP-2s are connected: 8Ω
Frequency response
180Hz - 20kHz

U/I Front Panel

ENVIRONMENT selector knob
1_Forest sound, 2_Murmurng brook, 3_Urban clatter, 4_Room air conditioner
SOUND EFFECT selector knob
1_Guitar, 2_Piano, 3_Music box, 4_Digital device (Swichable on/off to presss the knob)
To adjust the volume level
To adjust the ratio of speech sound masker
Power switch

U/I Rear Panel

Speaker switch
To select the number of speakers to be connected (2, 4, or 8)
SETUP dip switches
To adjust EQ and Lock the configuration

I/O Connectors

Speaker output
Barrier strip x 2 pairs (VSP-2

Indicators Front Panel

Green LED to indicate the number of the selected ENVIRONMENT
SOUND EFFECT indicator
Green LED to indicate the number of the selected SOUND EFFECT (No indicator light up when SOUND EFFECT is turned off)
Power indicator
Lights up when the power is turned on (green)

Protection circuit

Load Protection
Power switch on/off: Mute the output*, Output voltage protection: Compress the output*, DC-fault: Power supply shutdown (*Restored automatically)
Amplifier Protection
Thermal: Limit the output* → Mute* → Shutdown, Over current: Mute the output*, Integrated power limit: Compress the output* (*Restored automatically)
Power Supply Protection
Thermal: Power supply shutdown, Over voltage: Power supply shutdown, Over current: Power supply shutdown

VSP-CU2 General

Conventional cooling, bottom to up air flow
Power requirements
AC120V (60Hz)
Power consumption
Max 14W
Operating environment
Temperture: 0 - 40℃ / Humidity: 15 - 80% (No condensation)
Net weight
Included Accessories
Power cord / Owner's manual

VSP-SP2 General

Speaker type
Full-range, acoustic suspension type
Frequency range (-10dB)
180Hz - 20kHz
Nominal coverage (Horizontal×V
Nominal impedance
Power rating
NOISE: 5W / PGM: 10W / MAX: 20W
SPL(1W, 1m on axis
79dB SPL
1.5" Cone
I/O connectors
Euroblock (2 pin) x 1
Approximate Munsell value: Black(B):N3, White(W):N9
Net weight
0.17 kg
UL 1480A, NFPA70 (Included cable: UL VW-1 equivalent)
Included Accessories
Speaker cable (20m) x 1, Mounting bracket x 2, Euroblock (2 pin) x 2, T-bar mount adaptor x 2, T-bar mount adaptor screw (φ4.0 x 12) x 4, Owner's manual


Mount kit for mounting the Remote Conference Processor “RM-CR” in a rack.


RM-CR rack mount also works for the VSP-2. There are 4 screws (2 for each side!) as part of the bracket.


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The VSP-2 Speech Privacy System protects sensitive conversations across all workspaces: the office, the huddle room, the medium conference room, large conference room or boardroom, or even the multi-purpose room.

While it successfully masks information in the corporate environment as a white noise machine for the office, it’s also useful in education, healthcare, and even government settings.

Plus, when using other Yamaha UC Solutions like ADECIA, the VSP-2 sound doesn’t distract the team members joining remotely - the noise cancellation technology and human voice activity detection cancels it out.

For more information on the VSP-2 Speech Privacy System, contact the experts at Yamaha UC!