Yamaha Ceiling-Mount Dante Microphone


Yamaha’s Dante-enabled ceiling-mount microphone array is designed with innovative technologies to optimize collaboration in a variety of spaces. The unique dynamic beam tracking technology utilizes four beams to automatically track voices within the room simultaneously, allowing for lively conversations to be picked up and delivered clearly to the far end. Create a “touchless” and easy-to-use hybrid meeting or learning space with this highly intelligent microphone! Available in black or white.
Yamaha Ceiling-Mount Dante Microphone Use Case 1

No Fixed Lobes

Dynamic beamforming technology eliminates the need to program fixed lobes which can often lead to dead spots within the meeting space. Design changes or room set up flexibility can also be done without the need to reprogram lobes.
Yamaha Ceiling-Mount Dante Microphone Use Case 2

Yamaha Technologies

Technologies within the microphone like Adaptive Echo Cancellation, Automatic Gain Control, Noise Reduction and Dereverberation help create the best-quality audio pickup.
Yamaha Ceiling-Mount Dante Microphone Use Case 3

3 mounting options

The ceiling microphone array supports ceiling mount, wire mount or pole mount options.
Yamaha Ceiling-Mount Dante Microphone Use Case 4


Utilizes one PoE+ network cable connection avoiding troublesome wiring and enabling audio control via Dante

Yamaha's RM-CG Ceiling Microphone Is Certified for Microsoft Teams!

Clear & Effortless Meeting Conversation for Remote and In-Person Employees.

Looking for the Full ADECIA Ceiling Solution?

Yamaha's RM-CG Ceiling Mics are also included in our ADECIA Ceiling & Line Array Speaker Solution, along with our RM-CR remote conference processor, VXL1-16P Dante/PoE-compatible line array speaker, and SWR2311P-10G Yamaha’s PoE network switch. 

Specs & Details

RM – CG Network Specifications

Dante Audio/Dante Control, Remote Control, WebUI, PoE
Cable requirements
Cat 5e or higher (STP Recommended)

RM – CG Audio Specifications

Frequency response
160Hz – 16kHz(-10dB)
Sampling Rate
Bit depth
58 [ms] (including signal processing)
Audio I/O Dante
1in x 2out  In1=AEC reference signal/Out1=output of beam mix, Out2= output of beam mix(simple processed)
Maximum input level of SPL(0dB
117.8 dB SPL
Self Noise
-0.8 dBA SPL
SNR(Ref. 94 dB SPL at 1 kHz
94.8 dBA
-23.8 dBFS/Pa
Dynamic Range
118.6 dBA
Signal Processing
Multi beam tracking, Adaptive Echo Canceler,Noise Reduction, Dereverberation,Auto Mixer, Auto Gain Control,Parametric EQ,Output Gain

RM CG General

Ceiling Microphone
Black, White
Dimensions (WxDxH)
W560×D560mm×H90mm(including protrusions/microphone panel: H22mm)
Power requirements
PoE(IEEE 802.3af), DC 48V
Maximum Power Consumption
7.2 W
In Operation
Temperature 0℃~40℃ Humidity 30%~90% (No condensation)
Temperature -20℃~60℃ Humidity 20%~90% (No condensation)
Front Indicator(Mute/Unmute & Status) ・Network Port Indicator
Ceiling Mount (*can’t replace a grid ceiling panel.) Wire hanging VESA mount
Max device number with RM-CR
2(Connection with other than RM-CR is not limited to this device)
Construction description, (Guarantee), grillex1, screws for grille (M3x8mm)x5(*), screw coverx4, cutting template x1, Cringx1, screws for C ring x2, hanger anglex1, screws for hanger angle(M4x20mm)x5(*), terminal coverx1, safety wire x1,binding bandx1, clamp platex2 (*)including a spare respectively
Dust Protection
IP5X for dust protection(with junction cover)
Plenum Rating
UL2043(with junction cover)


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Great Sounding Product!!
Reviewed on 12/15/2021

After hearing this product during an in-house demonstration, I'm sold! The product covers a very large area quite well, even if the acoustics are not close to ideal. I have specified these microphones into several projects, and can't wait for them to be appreciated by the end users.