Education Wireless Microphone Audio Kit

EDU Kit Wireless Microphone System

The HD Single & HD Dual wireless microphone kits are the perfect solution for education – whether in the classroom or at home.
  • Wireless flexibility for freedom of movement. Ideal for remote lecture capture, as well as interactive online learning.
  • Voice lift enabled.
  • Easy transition from office to classroom.
  • Plug-and-play for use with chosen UC software including Zoom, Teams, WebEx, etc.
Education Wireless Microphone Audio Kit Use Case 2
NOTE: (5) unit minimum order quantity for discount eligibility. Education institutions only. Does not qualify for additional deal registration or education discounts.

A Wireless Microphone Made for Educators

Hold the attention of students with crystal clear audio from a wireless microphone that was built for the classroom.

The Education Wireless Microphone System is effortlessly wearable and delivers the vocal clarity that teachers need to reach their students and make an impact in day to day learning activities. 

The Education Wireless Microphone Kit ensures that lecturers and teachers are heard and understood with perfect clarity. Its wireless form factor allows teachers to freely move, gesture, and operate a smartboard or other visual aids so that they can deliver the most effective classroom lecture. 

Why a Quality Microphone System in the Classroom Matters

A quality microphone in the classroom or lecture hall means higher levels of engagement from students. 

Not only is sound quality from a classroom microphone important for students toward the back of the room, but it provides much needed accessibility to information for students who are hard of hearing or who have learning disabilities.

From traditional classrooms and large lecture halls to hybrid or virtual learning environments, the Education Wireless Microphone Kit gives teachers an audio solution that sets up their students for academic success.

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Specs & Details


1 or 2 channels per system
Radio Frequency
North and South America: 1920 to 1930 MHz Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe: 1880 to 1900 MHz (DECT EU) Mainland China: 1900 -1920 MHz Japan: 1893.5 to 1906.1 MHz
150 feet (45 meters) approx. (no obstruction) Out-of-range alarm
50-14,000 Hz

BASe StAtion

5V DC, 1A power connector 100-240V, 50-60 Hz; Power supply included
Channel LED indicators / Pairing Push Buttons / USB port for firmware update only / Configuration DIP Switches (8) / Channel 1 Analog Output 3.5 mm balanced connector / Channel 2 Analog / Output 3.5 mm balanced connector / Channel 1 Analog Input 3.5 mm balanced connector / Channel 2 Analog Input 3.5 mm balanced connector

CHArger BASe

5V DC, 1A 100-240V, 50-60 Hz; Power supply included
DC power input port 1 or 2 proprietary 4 pin microphone charge jacks


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power-packed mic
Reviewed on 12/17/2021

Used these for presentation and quality was superb. Just wish the batteries would last longer between charges.

best value for quality mic
Reviewed on 12/16/2021

High quality, great price point for versatile microphone. Paired with external speaker or connected to our videoconference unit, works excellent.

Excellent value, exceptional range
Reviewed on 12/15/2021

This small mic is packed with quality and range. It easily integrates to simple external powered speaker or can be coupled with a Mitel videoconference audio port for meetings.