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Innovation that speaks volumes.

Enjoy clear, high-quality sound in offices, lecture halls, boardrooms and beyond with this flexible variety of products, all engineered with industry-leading speech technology.

With so many conference microphone systems on the market today, it can be hard to distinguish between them. Does your business need wired or wireless microphones? How about analog or digital? At Yamaha, we've made it easy to shop for microphone systems that meet your conferencing needs. We offer a wide range of integrated systems that capture and reproduce stunning sound, without compromise.
Designed for the world's most demanding spaces, the Executive Elite wireless microphone systems provide tremendous power and flexibility. With the ability to connect up to 44 microphones in the US, South America, and Japan, and up to 76 microphones in the rest of the world, the system's distributed architecture is truly impressive. Easy to integrate with room control systems, the Executive Elite relies on 256-bit encryption that automatically rekeys every few minutes for optimal security. Offered in 2-, 4-, and 8-channel configurations, every business can find the ideal system for their conference room.
Meanwhile, the Executive HD conference microphone systems are compatible with a wide range of wireless microphones. For example, your team can use a mix of wearable, directional tabletop, omnidirectional tabletop, and hybrid models. Choose a 4- or 8-channel model with optional 256-bit MaxSecure encryption, and place the microphones in the convenient charging dock. And if you're looking for cordless microphones on a smaller scale, the HD Wireless microphone system offers stunning audio quality in a slim form factor. It's available in a single-, dual-channel, or rack-mounted dual design.  
Finally, wired connoisseurs will find a lot to love about our tabletop and gooseneck microphones. They set an impressive standard for signal-to-noise ratios, while also being remarkably easy to use. Our wireless conference room kits can also be mixed and matched with wired microphones, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Ready to elevate your conferences with cutting-edge microphone systems? Click here to explore Yamaha's Product Finder and see which microphone configuration is best for your team's needs.

Advantages of a Wireless Microphone System

Wireless microphone systems can be a great addition to your conference or meeting space. Learn more about the flexibility a wireless microphone system can bring to your space!