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Featuring NEW SoundCap Technology!

The YVC-330 USB & Bluetooth speakerphone solves the problem of finding vacant rooms for spontaneous meetings. The innovative SoundCap technology helps eliminate background noise within a 3ft range. Whether working in an open work space or working remote in a noisy household or shared workspace, the YVC-330 helps far-end participants focus on the conversation at hand.
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The portable design makes it the ideal communications solution for setting up calls from any area of your workspaces.

YVC-330 Speakerphone with SoundCap

  • USB, Bluetooth® and NFC connections - audio in/out connection interfaces
  • SoundCap™ technology captures nearby conversations while eliminating background noise for meetings being held in loud, open space environments
  • “Self-silence” mutes microphone automatically while meeting participants are not speaking
  • “Self-volume balancer” automatically adjusts speaker volume properly to fit surrounding ambient noise levels
  • Ability to daisy chain 2 units for medium-sized spaces
  • Power through USB


YVC-330 USB & Bluetooth Portable Speakerphone with Soundcap Technology

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The sound quality is outstanding
Reviewed on 1/20/2020

The sound quality is outstanding. The control panel is simple and easy to use. The microphones easily pick up voices around the conference table. The Soundcap technology filters out background noise and improves the listening experience for the remote users.

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