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Don’t be fooled by this portable conference phone’s compact design: with Yamaha technology, great sound comes in small packages. This USB and Bluetooth-enabled speakerphone outputs the highest volume in its class, delivering crisp sound that fills collaboration spaces and small conference rooms. Industry-leading sound processing technology, including adaptive echo cancellation and human-voice activity detection (HVAD), optimizes your call’s clarity by reducing background noise. Plus, its portable design makes it the ideal communications solution for setting up calls from any area of your workspace without the cost of dedicated equipment. There’s no complex setup necessary. Just take it to your meeting area and connect the USB cable to your PC for use. Simple buttons and indicator lights allow for intuitive control and stress-free use.
  • Conference Phone
  • Wireless
  • Wired
  • USB
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC
  • Portable


YVC-300 Portable Speakerphone

  • Portable, lightweight design optimized for small group conferencing
  • USB, Bluetooth and audio in/out connection interfaces
  • Calls placed simultaneously over multiple connection interfaces bridge into a single call
  • Supports automatic pairing of NFC-enabled devices
  • Convenient USB-powered design


YVC-300 USB Microphone & Speaker System

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Software Agnostic


Features Yamaha’s well-known sound processing technologies that ensure clear, stress-free audio


Portable, lightweight design
Conveniently powered by USB


USB, Bluetooth, NFC and audio in/out connection
Adaptive echo cancellation
Background noise reduction
Automatic voice detection

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