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A conversation piece.

With considered design and superior audio performance, these phones are built for conversations that matter. Plus, they're software agnostic and ready to connect with your communication platform of choice.

At Yamaha UC, our conference phones are designed to enhance every facet of communication. Audio playback, microphone capture, and signal processing all work together to create a seamless experience. We offer both wired and wireless conference phones with multiple connection options like USB, Bluetooth or NFC.


Whether it’s a portable conference phone or a VoIP conference phone, we have solutions for every working environment, from huddle rooms to boardrooms, and everything in between.

No matter how your business is organized, Yamaha's USB, Bluetooth, and VoIP conference phones make it possible to connect with virtually anyone on the planet. Our cutting-edge audio solutions boost productivity and create new opportunities with clear communication. You can say exactly what you need to say, without worrying about the room's acoustics or the connection quality. It just works.

Software Compatibilty

Our conference phones are software agnostic and are ready to connect with your communication platform.