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Solutions for Every Configuration

Whether you’re outfitting an executive office or a large conference room, choosing [the right] accessories will enhance the performance and extend the usage of your conferencing technology. Here, you’ll find products designed to seamlessly integrate with Yamaha solutions and optimize systems in every space.

With the right conference phone accessories, you can transform a wired or wireless system into a finely tuned machine. At Yamaha, we want you to get maximum value from your gear. Whether you need a microphone that's tailored to a specific conferencing space, or an extended warranty for three years of coverage, we offer accessories for every potential scenario.
First, our conference microphone accessories combine cutting-edge design and flexibility. Available in wearable, directional and omnidirectional tabletop, gooseneck, TA4 adapter, XLR adapter, and hybrid models, we have every mic configuration imaginable. Whether you're adding a new mic to your Executive Elite or FLX 2 system, there are a variety of options for each Yamaha unit.     
Meanwhile, we offer conference microphone accessories that work seamlessly with your Yamaha gear, including replacement batteries, adapters, power supplies, and cables. In addition, we have system-specific accessories that add functionality to your conference phones, such as an Antenna Extension Kit for the Executive Elite series. Count on these first-party accessories to keep your conference systems powered and connected.
Finally, our Extended Care Coverage and Extended Maintenance Service ensure that any technical issue is taken care of immediately. You don't need to wait for parts—just get in touch with our knowledgeable support staff, and we'll ship replacements within 24 hours. During the Extended Maintenance period, you'll also enjoy three years of unlimited service and technical support calls. All in all, this is the warranty service package for professionals who need results.

Ready to amplify your communication with conference phone accessories that truly stand out?

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