Infographic: Product Recommendations for COVID-19 Office Re-opening

As states begin to re-open, organizations are looking into office set ups and solutions to not only keep their workers safe, but continue to enable them to communicate and collaborate with eachother. With these changes come new regulations, new desk and meeting space configurations and new conferencing technology.

Below we've outlined some trends we are seeing as well as our recommended products for each of these spaces.


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POST COVID-19: We’re here to help you navigate what’s next.

Working From Home

If your office has opene dup but some or all employees will continue working from home, you need to be sure that all teams are equally as capable to complete the work in-office and remotely.

Ensure proper audio & video
It can be daunting to make sure your at-home set up is effective. You need a seamless, uninterrupted connection in order to collaborate. Our portal, capable, software-agnostic devices have the technology to help capture voice over noise.

Flexible Employees

Make sure to equip yourself and your team with solutions that can be used both at-home and in the office. If office space is shared, products that are hands-free and easily disinfected are preferred!

Dedicated & portable solutions
For virtual learning, a USB microphone can make a huge improvement on lecture capture and presentations.
Portable speakerphone solutions allow high-quality audio no matter where employees are working.

The Re-opened Office

The modern corporate office is renowned for open, collaborative workspaces. While these may be changing, collaboration does not need to be lost. Teams can adapt with hands-free, wide-angle devices.


Not all workspaces were designed to mitigate the spread of disease, so employers are working hard to arrange office spaces as safe as possible. Social distancing rules may lead to new partitions between colleagues and, in turn, change the way individuals collaborate.

Noise Conscious
Employees may be taking calls and meetings from their desks, instead of in conference rooms or meeting spaces. More calls = more noise. Smart, portable speakerphone devices can allow for headphones to be added for private listening or background noise elimination with SoundCap Technology.

Collaboration Spaces

The design of many modern workspaces will be shifting collaboration environments to allow for social distancing. Because of this, medium to large conference spaces will be more popular. It is now critical to create solutions that incorporate health safety policies, but don’t lack the space needed.

Hands-free devices
Video soundbars with auto-zooming and adjustment capabilities will allow all colleagues to be captured on video and audio, even if widely spread out. Beamforming and Yamaha patented technologies focus on actual voice, versus just sound, and create a more enjoyable experience overall for both ends.