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“With Yamaha’s audio technology and expertise, the YVC-1000 will help us in bringing more powerful and scalable collaborations to our customers’ Zoom Rooms experience,” Eric Yu, hardware partnership manager, Zoom.

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Yamaha's Personal Bluetooth Speakerphone features three unidirectional microphones and revolutionary SoundCap Technology, which eliminates background noise within a 3ft range, delivering a clear signal to the far end.

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UC-500 / UC 1000 / UC1500


Our full line of FLX UC conference phones are certified for Zoom Rooms ensuring synchronization across both the conference phones and the Zoom Room iPad controller.

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ADECIA Ceiling Solution

A cohesive, easily installed audio solution optimized for web conferencing. Three Step UI Wizard allows for easy integration, room tuning, and auto-configuration of all devices. Comprised of four components: Dante-enabled ceiling microphone (RM-CG), Signal Processor (RM-CR), L2 Network switch with PoE (SWR Series), Line-array POE+ powered speakers (VXL-16P)


ADECIA Tabletop Solution


Included within the ADECIA solution family, the ADECIA Tabletop Microphone & Line Array Speaker Solution offering features the same easy setup and auto configuration features available through the RM-CR audio processor. Comprised of four components: Dante-enabled tabletop microphone (RM-TT), Signal Processor (RM-CR), L2 Network switch with PoE (SWR Series), Line-array POE+ powered speakers (VXL-16P)


The 3-in-1 Hybrid Room Ready Solution

The Yamaha, Lenovo, and AVer 3-in-1 Bundle is a simple way to initiate and control meetings, share content, and collaborate. Plus, all devices are easy to install, configure and connect to the ThinkSmart Core. 


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Should My Company Use Zoom?

Zoom is a cost-effective yet powerful cloud video conferencing platform that allows multiple participants to connect to a single call with high-definition video, audio, and file sharing.

Zoom Video Communications

Yamaha UC is a proud Zoom technology partner. We've continued to build on this partnership because Zoom offers a reliable and easy-to-use video communication platform with minimal friction. Zoom offers a high-quality solution for boardrooms, conference rooms, and virtually any environment.

What is Zoom

Founded in 2011, Zoom is a leader in video communications, with a cloud-based platform that allows for video and audio conferencing, file sharing, chat, webinars, and more. Successful businesses around the world rely on Zoom to bring their teams together across time zones, whether they're using conference room systems, desktops, or mobile devices. 

Why we Chose to Partner with Zoom

Yamaha UC has consistently been impressed with Zoom's quick and frictionless video conferencing. Today, we offer five Zoom-certified products: the YVC-1000 USB and Bluetooth conference phone, the RM-CG Dante-enabled Ceiling Microphone Array, the RM-TT Dante-enabled Tabletop Microphone, the FLX UC-500 USB conference phone and FLX UC 1000/1500 VoIP conference phones. These three products passed Zoom's stringent certification process to ensure they seamlessly integrate with Zoom software and deliver the best possible meeting experience.  

"Zoom is the foremost chosen video communications platform for meetings today, and together as leaders in UC, we're united in our mission to help organizations achieve meetings that not only sound great, but are easy to get started and run," said Tatsuya Umeo, CEO at Yamaha UC. 

How to use Zoom

For step by step instructions, visit their guide here.

Additional Resources

Choosing the best video conferencing software for your business doesn't have to be a challenge. At Yamaha UC, we've put together some in-depth resources to help you find the ideal software solution.   

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