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As remote collaboration increases around the world, clients need cameras that can stream high-quality video in a variety of environments. Thankfully, with Yamaha UC's long list of partnerships, users can enjoy an incredible conferencing experience right out of the box.

What is Huddly

Founded in Oslo, Norway, Huddly has quickly built a reputation for its camera hardware, software, and AI. Their wide-angle USB conference cameras are extremely compact, and they also rely on an onboard neural engine that can adapt to the environment. This amazing technology allows users to focus on the meeting, instead of spending time adjusting the camera. And with the Insights analytics, a Huddly camera can gather and share valuable information about how organizations use their meeting spaces.

Why we Chose to Partner with Huddly

We believe that Huddly's goals align with the Yamaha UC mission. By joining forces, we can create even greater conferencing solutions that leverage both our industry-leading audio hardware and Huddly's intelligent camera technology. We now offer many solutions incorporating our combined technologies!

For more information about how to connect Yamaha UC and Huddly products, visit our Knowledge Base, search by product, and contact our expert support staff.


Yamaha, Barco, Huddly + LG

Looking for the full solution? This powerful combination has been tested to work seamlessly together and makes remote collaboration easier and more natural than ever before.