The Complete Speaker Tracking Solution


Yamaha's Dante-Enabled Ceiling-Mount Microphone Pairs Seamlessly With Crestron's PTZ Cameras and automated tracking solution to provide close-up shots of the active speakers, wherever they are in the room.           


ADECIA Ceiling-Mount Dante Microphone (RM-CG)




A ceiling microphone with 3 mounting options featuring Dynamic Beamforming Technology, Adaptive Echo Cancellation, Automatic Gain Control, Noise Reduction and Dereverberation to create the best-quality, most accurate audio pickup of the room's speaker. Seamlessly integrates with Crestron's Automate™ VX Automated Voice-Activated Camera Switching Solution.

Automate™ VX Automated Voice-Activated Camera Switching Solution



A multi-camera solution that uses the audio position provided by the Yamaha mics to aim a camera at the active talker in the room. Ideal solution for Hybrid meetings to provide meeting equity between in-room and remote participants. Includes options for multi-source layouts. Widely used in University, Corporate and Government rooms worldwide. Seamlessly integrates with Yamaha's ADECIA Ceiling Microphone.

Crestron Speaker Tracking

Crestron is a leading manufacturer of intelligent camera and automated camera switching solutions for corporate, university and government meeting spaces.  Crestron's innovative cameras take advantage of the latest AI technology including motion and facial detection, beam tracking and voice tracking to deliver products tailored to different use cases: classrooms, training rooms, court rooms, boardrooms, multipurpose rooms and town council chambers.  

Why we chose to partner with Crestron

Yamaha's ADECIA ceiling microphone provides the perfect audio solution to pair with Crestron's visual solution. Integrating our Dante-enabled ceiling-mount microphone with Crestron's automated tracking camera and processing system creates a full multi-camera studio experience for meetings, town halls, and classrooms. Both the camera and microphone beams automatically shift to the active speaker, creating an optimal visual and audio experience for recordings and attendees.

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