Zumy is an easy-to-use portable lighting solution that attaches to your laptop and automatically softens and brightens your appearance on screen. Zumy's portable light pairs perfectly with Yamaha's YVC-200 portable bluetooth speaker.

That's why you can get 15% off Zumy Portable Light with purchase of a YVC-200 on Amazon.

Thanks to Yamaha and Zumy, you can look and sound your best on any video conferencing call.


Working or teaching from home? Sound your best with Yamaha's YVC-200, a plug-and-play USB personal speakerphone that easily connects to your laptop - and perfectly compliments Zumy's Portable Light.

What is Zumy?

Zumy is a portable light solution that brightens your video on virtual meetings. It seamlessly attaches to your computer screen and creates personal lighting that can optimize your appearance for video calls. 

We all know that remote working is here to stay -- that's why you should invest in a personal laptop light that can help you perform at your best on video calls. 

Why we chose to partner with Zumy

Video conferencing isn't going anywhere, with surveys expressing that 78 percent of employees use Web conferencing tools for team meetings. Furthermore, 87 percent of remote employees say they feel more connected to their coworkers and projects when using video conferencing. Zumy's laptop makes you look your best on video conferencing calls with 4 different light levels - and is easy to use. Zumy's portable light accordion expands and collapses, the light is powered by USB, and includes an extra USB port.

Yamaha Unified Communications also values conferencing solutions that enhance video calls and are easy to use - especially our YVC-200 portable Bluetooth conference phone. We've partnered with Zumy because high-quality audio and video make a perfect pair. 

Check out Zumy's website to learn more.