Video Conferencing in Nursing Homes

Author: Meghan Kennelly

Video-Conference-Nursing-Home.pngConferencing in the healthcare field is on the rise. Innovative technologies are making it easier for hospitals and doctor’s offices to implement conferencing systems for a variety of uses.

A recent example of this would be the use of conferencing in nursing homes. Nursing homes in Great Britain have started to implement video conferencing technologies into their daily practice as a new way of providing care for their patients. These new solutions are helping to decrease the amount of hospital visits which leads to great benefits on both sides.

Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) recently introduced a similar project as a way for patients and staff to connect with medical professionals in remote locations.

Transfers to and from hospitals can be pretty significant expense for nursing homes. As a result of this implementation, the conferencing system has made a huge reduction in the cost of these services. The decrease in these expenses can help open up their budget for other activities and services.

Nottingham City CCG also saw an increased in quality of life for its residents. Several trips to hospitals and appointments can be taxing on patients both mentally and physically. Having the ability to connect with doctors within the nursing home has added great value for the occupants.

The system has also been a great benefit in cases of emergencies. In terms of the nursing home staff, the onsite nurses are more capable of making informed decisions with the help of the system. Instead of calling an ambulance to be on the safe side, staff can contact the hospital via the conference for further guidance. If the situation calls for a transfer, the video conference system can provide more information to paramedics that arrive onsite and the hospital staff before the patient is even admitted. This avoids some on-site evaluations and leads to faster care for residents.

This technology has become a great resource for the nursing home and is receiving great feedback. Leveraging the video conference technology has made huge impacts in providing new ways of care for patients.
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