New Possibilities With Classroom Conferencing

Author: Meghan Kennelly


Conferencing is expanding its influence outside of enterprises and is becoming more popular is settings like hospitals and classrooms. With the enhancements in conferencing, classrooms now have the chance to take students on “digital field trips”. Without ever leaving the classroom, students have the ability to see and hear from people in multiple fields throughout the school day.

Recently a teacher in New York was able to introduce the “digital field trip” concept in his social studies class. With an upcoming lesson planned on China, he had a great opportunity to test it out when one of his students was leaving for Hong Kong. Aligning the lesson with his travel, he used the power of conferencing to bring the lesson to life.

The students in New York were able to get direct reports from the student in China via Skype. The interaction was well received and brought on many new discussion topics. The classroom was fully engaged in the lesson and liked seeing firsthand what they were reading about in their textbooks. What the teacher didn’t expect was it also opened the students’ eyes to the abilities of conferencing and the value it can bring.  

User-friendly set ups are making it easier and easier for more teachers to use this technology in their classrooms. Implementing this technique can also be a simple tool for education institutes with a tight budget.

Introducing new ways of communication in the education field can bring great value to the next generation and really opens the door for creativity in the classroom. Conferencing is a tool worth exploring to add a new layer to your students’ learnings. 


In settings ranging from elementary classrooms to distance education environments, educators are exploring a growing list of advanced learning technologies to help their students’ progress. All these technologies have one thing in common: their success depends on high audio quality.

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