Always forgetting the last 3 feet…

Author: Russell Harpham


I constantly see conferencing environments woefully equipped because the decisions and budgets were focused more on saving money and less on final experience. 
More times than not, I’ve spoken to people who end up having to reason with management on why their conferencing experience was “not worth the investment”. Ultimately the reasons behind these poor experiences were due to cost cutting on peripherals where they should have instead focused more on the infrastructure. 
When you break it down, there was nothing wrong with the platform they had installed or the peripherals they had bought. The mistake was going in with a “make do” attitude with products that weren’t designed for their space and ultimately hindered the experience and led to a negative outlook overall.

In my experience, the audio is always the hardest to get right and the last to be remembered.  Although audio can have a huge impact, there are other factors that should be considered. Conference room products like screens and webcams can also hinder the experience if not properly implemented in the right space. For example, if you were to use a personal USB speakerphone in a medium size conference room, it’s going to undermine the infrastructure the company has invested in and will result in a poor conference experience. If users don't enjoy the solution, then they won’t adopt it. Imagine how much you are losing from troubleshooting, purchasing added fixes and most of all a decrease in productivity.

In order to avoid these issues (and a very unhappy CFO) I recommend some added focus on making sure the products you implement in your spaces are ideal for the environment and your end users. The size of the room, number of users, function of the room and acoustics are just a few examples of factors that should be considered.
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