Video Conferencing Disrupting Legal Industry

Author: Meghan Kennelly


More reports are being released expressing the abundant growth in the video conferencing market. Just recently the CAGR reported an immense growth in the market. Numbers aside, its clear video conferencing is making a huge impact on a variety of industries.

Recently we’ve seen a jump in the legal industry's use of conferencing services and equipment. From judges and lawyers to inmates, conferencing technology is proving to be an asset for all.

For inmates, conferencing is providing easier access to lawyers. With the ease of connection and less travel needed, lawyers are able to provide their services to more clients. Another large benefit for inmates is the access to healthcare. Doctors and nurses are able to communicate with patients remotely and in a timelier manner.

Inside the courtroom we’re seeing video conferencing used in multiple ways. For those who have difficulty traveling, conferencing provides more opportunities to bring in testimonies and witness statements. This scenario can also shorten the length of cases with less scheduling conflicts.  

In line with this need for conferencing in the courtroom, Revolabs is proud to be providing solutions to the industry as part of Cisco’s Connected Justice Consortium. Connected Justice is an extensive AV partner ecosystem and marketplace that leverages leading technology to bring more efficient and secure remote collaboration to the courtroom.


The Connected Justice Remote Video Interpretation System increases efficiencies and access to resources such as interpretation and translation services that may not be available in-house. As a result, the platform provides face-to-face collaboration without the cost and time of travel and allows courts to increase case disposition rates as well as help ensure court safety while controlling overall costs per case without sacrificing presentation and representation quality.

The capabilities of video conferencing is immense. We look forward to seeing it continue to grow and enhance operations in various industries. 

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