Conferencing Brought to Education by Revolabs' Dean's List Program

Author: Meghan Kennelly

As conferencing technologies continue to advance, education institutes are starting to utilize them to transform the learning experience. In settings ranging from elementary classrooms to distance education environments, educators are exploring how they can use this growing list of technologies to advance their students’ progress.
Revolabs, part of Yamaha UC, has worked with a number of institutions to help solve their unique challenges and expand their capabilities.

Just recently, Summit Public Schools implemented the YVC-1000 to improve their collaboration between staff members. They also have hopes of using the systems with their students. Bryan Wong, CTO, stated, “We could give our students access to the system to participate in video conferences where they can benefit from learning what a high-quality professional meeting feels like. It would be a great example for teaching our kids the importance of audio quality for any level of collaboration they might experience out in the real world”.

University of Surrey implemented Revolabs microphone systems in their flagship lecture hall, which seats more than 300 people and is used heavily for a variety of educational, conference, and broadcasting events.
As we discussed in “New Possibilities with Classroom Conferencing”, video conferencing services allow professors to expand their lessons with guest speakers from all over the world. We’ve also heard more and more how classrooms are becoming more interactive with remote lectures. Students can feel more in sync with the lessons and students in the classroom.  

Deans-List-Discount-NEW.pngRevolabs understands the importance of these technologies on the advancement of education. Our Dean's List Education Discount Program lets educational organizations enhance the student learning experience with award-winning collaboration technologies at reduced pricing. The program is currently available to all United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand-based educational institutions.  

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