Hospital Utilizes Video Conferencing to Connect Medical Network

Author: Meghan Kennelly

Video conferencing can be used in a number of ways. From enabling college classrooms with conferencing capabilities to helping remote workers feel more included to changing the way we bank, conferencing has numerous uses. The University of Alberta just revealed a new way in which to use conferencing technology, when a professor there discussed his plans to use a secure video conferencing solution to help market his ideas.

The University Hospital Foundation has stated that using a secure video conferencing system, which is called JLABS POD @Alberta, can help medical researchers partner with expert teams connected to the Johnson & Johnson Innovation network around the world. The professor in question, John Lewis, associate professor of oncology at the U of A, plans to use the JLABS system to commercialize prostate cancer treatments.

Lewis is a well known researcher whose work has led to advances in oncology, but he admits that he is not an expert when it comes to marketing his ideas as an “academic scientist.” Lewis said in a statement, “We are trained to do amazing discovery research but we’re definitely not trained to create products…The benefit of having the JLABS POD … is to be able to connect directly with folks developing products and drugs that are successful in clinical trials.”

JLABS POD provides users with high quality video, secure lines and intuitive cameras that move to focus on the person speaking. Additionally, it enables mentorship opportunities, giving users the opportunity to discuss ideas with experts from around the world. That’s a unique experience, and one that’s really only possible because of video conferencing.

For Lewis, JLABS POD holds a lot of potential. If he can run his ideas past experts and learn how to market is research in an effective way, he could open more eyes to testing possibilities when it comes to prostate cancer. The possibilities are endless here, with some of the world’s brightest minds not only discussing the research, but the best ways in which to present it. This conferencing solution is doing more than just connecting people, it could also potentially be changing the effectiveness of medicine.

Article Source: The Conferencing Zone

Author: Alicia Young 

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