Clear Audio Benefits For The Classroom: The Back Seat Blues

Author: Timothy Davis

When Students Want To Hear What The Professor Is Saying – but Cant.

Think back to when you were in college.  Was your classroom usually small and intimate?  Or did you often find yourself in a giant lecture hall with hundreds of other students?  If it was the latter, then you know that there was almost nothing worse than showing up late to class.  If you were late, you would be very lucky to get a seat close enough to the instructor that allowed you to properly hear the lesson of the day. 

If you weren’t so lucky and ended up in the back, the distance would make the professor’s lecture sound muffled against the ambient noise of the room.  A dedicated audio solution would have gone a long way towards ensuring that you never missed any important notes – especially anything that could have been on the test.

Unfortunately, a great number of schools still do not have proper audio solutions in their classrooms.  Where small classrooms can most often get away with minimal audio amplification, larger classrooms and lecture halls that have unmatched solutions or outdated speakers and microphones can introduce feedback and noise that make it difficult to fully grasp the message from the instructor.

lectern.PNGInsuring you have the right solution and replacing speakers and microphones periodically is the best way to insure your classroom is up to par. However, most institutes shy away from this best practice as it can be costly and difficult to gauge return on investment. Although it may seem that something intangible like student performance variances is difficult to measure, the link between clear audio and student performance has been established going as far back as childhood, according to a recent study.

Children repeatedly exposed to loud background noise find it difficult to parse out instructions and guidance.  Since the human auditory system is fully formed early on in children’s development, this inherent weakness in our bodies’ hearing mechanisms only gets worse over time, resulting in missed instructions and nuance, and potentially an effect on classroom performance and grades.

Given the link between clear audio and classroom performance, it stands to reason that updating classroom audio solutions is a great way to increase student involvement and interest in the classroom lessons.

Revolabs, part of Yamaha Unified Communications, builds audio systems for a variety of applications with a laser focus on sound quality.  From the boardroom to the classroom and everything in between, our solutions provide the best communications experience for the end user.  Revolabs’ affordability and flexibility combined with Yamaha’s reputation for quality is unmatched in the industry. 

Exec-Elite-2.jpgTo combat the resistance of updated audio in the classroom, Revolabs provides an affordable audio solution in our Executive Elite™ 2-channel system.  This microphone solution (available in wearable, directional, and gooseneck microphone options), coupled with an existing audio mixer provides clear audio from the professor to the student, so nothing gets lost in the noise.  This solution also lends itself to remote lecture access, making it a truly modern system for today’s educational needs. 

With a dedicated clear audio solution like the Executive Elite™ 2-channel system, a seat at the back of the lecture hall can no longer be of worry.  Sit in the back of the lecture hall with confidence and focus on more important things – like that pop quiz!

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