Yamaha’s RM-W Wireless Microphones Now Shipping to US and Canada

Date published: 10/6/2022

Available for Immediate Shipping As Stand-Alone Or Integrated With the ADECIA Family’s Conference Processor, Line Array Speakers, and PoE Network Switch


SUDBURY, Mass. — September 13th, 2022 — Yamaha Unified Communications today announced the all-new RM-W Wireless Microphone is in stock and available for immediate shipping to the United States and Canada. The ADECIA Wireless conferencing solution includes the new RM-W wireless microphones, the RM-CR remote conference processor, VXL-16P Dante PoE line array speakers, and SWR Series PoE network switch. As with other ADECIA options (ADECIA Ceiling and ADECIA Tabletop), all components can be integrated seamlessly to create a customizable, easily installed conferencing solution.


“Hybrid environments in enterprise and education spaces are continuing to thrive, and our wireless microphone solution provides the flexibility required to support these increasingly popular environments,” said Tatsuya Umeo, CEO of Yamaha Unified Communications. “Backed by Yamaha’s impressive engineering, ADECIA Wireless, like our other ADECIA solutions, reduces setup time and complexity by automatically recognizing all components and configuring to the room’s environment. ADECIA Wireless is in stock and available for immediate shipping.”


Built using the latest DECT technology, Yamaha’s wireless microphones deliver the highest-quality audio to the far end with about 20 hours of continuous talk time. The RM-W comes in four models, all in black: 6-inch gooseneck, 12-inch gooseneck, omnidirectional boundary, or directional boundary tabletop microphone models. The wireless microphones are available as a standalone option, or included with ADECIA Wireless.


Yamaha’s ADECIA Wireless eliminates wiring issues by utilizing one PoE+ network cable connection and enabling audio control via Dante. The wireless audio solution also includes a Wireless Access Point, which houses Yamaha’s innovative audio technologies like dereverberation and automatic gain control, and a wireless spectrum analyzer to advise on the appropriate number of wireless mics that should be active based on other wireless traffic in the area.


More information on Yamaha Unified Communications' full product portfolio is available at uc.yamaha.com.