Revolabs’ Conference Phones Are BroadSoft Validated

Date published: 10/4/2016

SUDBURY, Mass. — Oct. 4, 2016 — Revolabs®, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation, announced today the validation of Revolabs’ FLX™ UC 1000 and UC 1500 VoIP and USB conference phones for the BroadSoft® BroadWorks SIP interface.
“BroadSoft is the leading provider of unified communication and collaboration services to operators worldwide, and the interoperability of the FLX UC 1000 and UC 1500 demonstrates our commitment to delivering the exceptional conferencing experience organizations require,” said Jim Fairweather, executive vice president of global sales at Revolabs. “This validation opens up new communication service provider opportunities, allowing them to confidently select and provision these solutions for full use and operability with the powerful BroadWorks platform.”

Through plug-and-play provisioning, the FLX UC 1000 Revolabs_UC1500.jpegand UC 1500 conference phones can easily be added to the network and automatically configured to work with any communication service provider’s (CSP) network and services, including directories, call forwarding, transfers, and more. This seamless provisioning process greatly eases the day-to-day management of phones across an organization. Furthermore, with an integrated USB port, the phones provide great conferencing audio for unified communications applications and can bridge VoIP and USB calls together, enabling organizations to support both types of communication with only one device on the table.
“Now any organization can easily add the FLX UC 1000 or UC 1500 phone to its BroadWorks-based CSP company VoIP network and get the same great intelligible, clear conference audio that thousands of other conference rooms experience with Revolabs phones,” continued Fairweather.
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