IBERIABANK Invests in Revolabs Executive Elite™ Wireless Microphone System

Date published: 6/17/2014

SUDBURY, Mass. — June 17, 2014 — Revolabs today announced that its newly released Executive Elite wireless microphone system has turned IBERIABANK's upscale executive conference room into a high-performance center for important company communications. Featuring a Fortune 500 look, new distributed architecture, and best-in-class audio, the sophisticated microphone system brings installation flexibility, incredible audio integrity, and contemporary design to the financial institution's revamped conferencing environment.

The 20-seat IBERIABANK executive conference room, located in the bank's New Orleans office, required an audio solution that would improve communication comprehension, fit seamlessly with the space's upscale design, and would easily adapt to the room's spatial constraints. Installed by Summit Integration Systems, the Revolabs Executive Elite™ wireless microphone system uses "Designed for Speech" technology, built-in equalization, and advancements such as an improved signal-to-noise ratio to provide IBERIABANK's executives with audio call quality that closely resembles the authenticity of face-to-face conversations. To satisfy the bank's space requirements, Executive Elite's new distributed architecture allows placement of remote antennas within the same room as wireless microphones, allowing the integrator to store the solution's base units in a separate location 275 feet away.

The conference room's initial audio conferencing setup consisted of ceiling microphones, which were suboptimal for capturing voices across the space's 23-foot table," said Cliff Stromeyer, systems designer at Summit Integration Systems. "Using Revolabs' wireless Executive Elite system, IBERIABANK can now place microphones closer to participants, inherently increasing audio quality while eliminating the effect of people sounding distant during calls. When combined with the solution's incredible installation flexibility, failsafe security features, and easy operation, IBERIABANK gains a complete conferencing package that entirely fulfills the bank's quality-first requirements. 

With its new distributed architecture, Executive Elite now separates the remote antenna from the system's base unit. Connecting via a standard CAT 6 cable with power over Ethernet (PoE) support, the solution's remote antenna can be placed in the same room as the wireless microphones, vastly improving RF reception while facilitating installations. Executive Elite also features Revolabs' secure AES-256 encryption, up to 20 hours of operation and 72 hours of standby power, a simple single-button interface, and is the market's first and only wireless microphone system to offer customers a cloud server option. 

As more and more high-end conference rooms and unified communications spaces put virtual conferencing at the center of their collaboration strategies, there will be an increasing demand for clearer audio quality, setup flexibility, and ease-of-use for participants," said Marc Cremer, COO at Revolabs. "When designing our new flagship microphone system, we set out to develop a system that would meet these precise objectives, regardless of boardroom disposition, voice volume, or setup limitations. The IBERIABANK project is a perfect example of how Revolabs' engineering innovations allow conferencing participants to hear every word of conversations at both ends of a call.

More information on Revolabs solutions is available at www.revolabs.com

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