Revolabs Introduces V3 Microphones Featuring Field-Replaceable Batteries, Longer Warranty Terms, and revoCARE Three-Year Extended Service Coverage

Date published: 6/13/2012

SUDBURY, Mass. — June 13, 2012 — Revolabs Inc. today announced new service and support initiatives designed to enhance the customer experience. The company has introduced — and is now shipping — all microphones with field-replaceable batteries. In addition, to better support its customers, Revolabs has expanded its manufacturer’s warranty and introduced new revoCARE extended service coverage.

With Revolabs’ new V3 microphones featuring field replaceable batteries, users can now easily purchase batteries as an accessory from their dealer/distributor. To swap batteries, users simply open the microphone, put in the new battery, and charge it. Old batteries can be sent to Revolabs for disposal as part of the company’s free recycling program. The V3 microphones also allow users to keep spare batteries fully charged and ready to go by purchasing a new battery charging adaptor, which allows batteries to be charged without placing the whole microphone in the charger. For customers with legacy microphones who wish to upgrade to the new V3 microphones, Revolabs is offering an exchange program, which will dramatically reduce the transition costs.

“As a long-time Revolabs customer, we were chosen to beta test the new V3 microphones , and are thrilled with the new capabilities and convenience they provide,” said Chris Bell, CTO of Avyve. “Not only is the performance excellent, but the ability to swap out the batteries couldn’t be made any easier. If you can change a cell phone battery, you can change one of these and avoid the process of sending your microphones in.”

“We are very excited about the introduction of the V3 microphones offering our customers a much easier way to replace their batteries,” said Marc Cremer, COO of Revolabs. “The ability to keep fully charged spare batteries on hand means microphones will always be available for use.  With our cost-effective exchange program, the expense of upgrading to these benefits is minimal for our existing customers.”

As part of its bolstered customer support, Revolabs is providing a longer limited manufacturer’s warranty by making it effective from the end user’s invoice date. The warranty now includes 90 days of complimentary advanced replacement, service, and technical support. Within these 90 days, customers can purchase RevoCare extended service coverage to continue receiving support for another three years.

revoCARE includes advanced replacement on all parts, allowing customers to receive replacements before they’ve sent back the exchanged product. In addition, revoCARE subscribers will receive Tier 2 technical support over the phone with Revolabs’ knowledgeable support staff. A host of additional enterprise features are available for Revolabs Executive HD™ users through an included Gold unlock code.

“We are committed to backing our customers with the most comprehensive support possible for their purchase. We’re proud to have strengthened that commitment with longer complimentary coverage, and by allowing our customers 90 days to take advantage of the benefits of our revoCARE extended service coverage,” said Eric Spata, director of global technical services at Revolabs.

Revolabs’ V3 microphones with field-replaceable batteries and revoCARE extended service coverage are available now. Pricing is available from Revolabs dealers.