Revolabs Offers Suite of Wireless Audio Solutions for Unified Communications

Date published: 6/15/2011

BOSTON, MA, June 15, 2011 – Revolabs, Inc., a leading provider of wireless audio systems that enhance collaboration, announces the availability of the first unified audio solutions portfolio to address the audio needs of Unified Communications (UC) and collaboration in the enterprise. 

Voice quality has always been a critical component to implementing a successful UC solution. Unfortunately it is often overlooked and as a result communications suffer. “By adding the FLX™ and xTag BT™ product lines along-side their HD Executive products, Revolabs now provides high performance audio solutions for all locations within an enterprise,” said Bill Lawrence, Global Head of AV, BT Conferencing. ”Our customers require great audio whenever they communicate, whether they are mobile, in their home office, at their desk or in the boardroom at headquarters. The simplicity, ease-of-use and ultimately the great audio quality that the Revolabs solutions provide are critical to our customers.”
With the release of FLX and xTag BT solutions, Revolabs completes their UC offering for the entire enterprise. Revolabs now has audio solutions designed for the locations and applications that are used every day in the enterprise. From the individual workspace and small office/home office (SOHO) use to small- and mid-size conference rooms, larger training facilities as well as corporate boardrooms, Revolabs has a solution.
“Revolabs products have been designed to solve audio problems in corporate board rooms. Since the introduction of our first wireless microphone system the demand for our products across the enterprise has been phenomenal,” said Martin Bodley, President and CEO of Revolabs, “Over the years the flexibility and premiere quality of our wireless boardroom solutions led our corporate customers to request similar effective solutions that bring great audio to the rest of their organization.”
The Revolabs suite of wireless audio solutions consists of products optimally designed for specific enterprise locations:
• Boardrooms, large conference and training rooms
o HD Executive - High Definition product family with full audio bandwidth, encryption, network software for remote management and control, and up to 32 microphones for maximum audio performance.
• Large to mid-sized conference rooms
o Fusion - a complete out of the box solution that includes the DSP resources required to mix the audio of the microphones, and provides Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction. Ideal for conference rooms that don’t have installed audio yet.
o Single / Dual HD – Provides superior audio for Video conferencing in smaller settings.
o Venue – Supports up to four microphones for mid-sized conference rooms.
• Small- to mid-sized conference rooms and executive desktops
o FLX - a family of conferencing phones that offer wireless microphones and a speaker that can be placed anywhere in a room to maximize the audio quality of phone, video or mobile calls. These locations typically suffer the most from poor audio due to costs and lack of flexibility. In addition to its flexibility, FLX reduces overall cost by eliminating the need for both a standard phone and a conference phone.

• Desktops and Mobile Devices
o xTag BT - An affordable, easy-to-use and install wireless microphone for the individual desktop as well as  for mobile devices like cell phones or tablets. Provides bi-directional audio and includes in-ear headphones so that the product works both as a microphone and headset.
A wide range of Revolabs microphones are available separately to match the user’s needs across the UC family of products. This includes lapel microphones, directional tabletop microphones for audio capture of a few people or omni-directional tabletop microphones for a large group of people. The Revolabs XLR adapter makes your handheld microphone a wireless microphone, and the Countryman Adapter allows the use of headset microphones or lapel microphones in a wireless environment. All Revolabs microphones are encrypted, rechargeable and have a simple, consistent user interface, fulfilling the most important requirement of capturing excellent audio for all unified communications locations and applications.