Revolabs Introduces xTag BT TM for the Desktop

Date published: 6/15/2011

ORLANDO, FL. & BOSTON, MA, June 15, 2011 – Revolabs, a leading provider of wireless unified communications products for the enterprise, today introduced its next generation of wireless microphones for the desktop at InfoComm 2011 in Orlando, Florida. Revolabs xTag BTTM wireless microphones are based on the company’s revolutionary wireless audio technology providing desktop users with superior sound quality.
With the xTag BT, Revolabs now offers their first Bluetooth enabled microphone for wideband speech, allowing the microphone to be paired to any Bluetooth® enabled device, including cell phones, MP3 players, or computers. Revolabs xTag BT provides bi-directional audio and includes in-ear headphones so that the product works both as a microphone and headset. The xTag BT supports HFP and A2DP profiles allowing users to listen to their cell phone and music.Unlike most Bluetooth devices, Revolabs xTag BT also supports the wideband speech profile, resulting in transmission of a wider frequency spectrum and better audio quality.
The wide range of supported Bluetooth profiles and bi-directional audio make xTag BT the perfect wireless microphone for a range of professional audio applications including soft phones, computer telephony and video applications like SkypeTM or messenger software. Web meeting applications and speech recognition are additional environments where Revolabs xTag BT can provide the best wireless audio experiences. The xTag BT provides superior audio quality along with the freedom of a wireless solution.

Revolabs xTag BT includes a customized USB dongle that supports the superior audio quality users have learned to expect from Revolabs products. The USB dongle enables Bluetooth communication with the xTag BT microphone, while interacting with a computer as a USB audio device.
The Revolabs xTag BT automatically assigns priorities to different profiles. If a cell phone call or a call on the computer comes in while the user is listening to music, Revolabs xTag BT automatically switches the profile, and gives the call a higher priority. Once the call is completed, playback of the music resumes.
“Our customers have asked us for a wireless audio solution for the desktop market,” said Holger Stoltze,Revolabs Senior Product Manager. “They needed a form factor and quality solution similar to what we have provided for their boardroom and conference rooms. Revolabs xTag BT brings this quality at an affordable price for these applications. We now deliver unified communications solutions to enterprise desktops, executive offices, conference rooms, and board rooms.”
Revolabs xTag BT talk time lasts up to eight hours before any recharging with the USB cable is required. Recharge time is approximately two hours. Revolabs xTag BT will be available in the third calendar quarter through Revolabs distributors.