Revolabs Introduces New Product Designed for Professional Audio Applications

Date published: 4/15/2011

Visit Revolabs at PALME Middle East – Stand E 19
26 ‐ 28 APRIL 2011
Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre United Arab Emirates 

Revolabs, the leading provider of wireless microphones, announces the HD Venue Wireless Microphone System designed specifically for professional audio applications that require up to four wireless microphones. Additionally, Revolabs is announcing a major enhancement to the entire line of Revolabs HD Wireless Microphone Systems‐ the range of the HD Wireless Microphones has been increased threefold to a distance of 91 meters on the Executive HD Systems and to a distance of 46 meters on the HD Single/Dual Channel Systems.

The HD Venue Wireless Microphone System is a rack‐mounted two‐channel system. It uses any combination of the unique, secure and rechargeable HD Wireless Microphones; wearable, omni tabletop, directional tabletop, or adapters for an XLR handheld microphone and a Countryman microphone. The HD Venue Wireless Microphone System is ideal for most pro‐audio applications that focus on the spoken word, such as in houses of worship, public address systems, voice lift in classrooms and auditoriums, or rental microphone systems.

The flexibility of the Revolabs Wireless Microphones allows the end‐user to configure the necessary microphones as needed. There are no bulky belt packs, no batteries required, and no wires. The range between the HD Venue Base Station and the placement of the HD Wireless Microphone is 91 meters, allowing the presenter to be very far away from the sound system. Of course, actual range depends on the RF signal absorption, reflection, and interference. Up to two HD Venue Systems can be used within a single area to have four HD Wireless Microphones of any type in use.