SiTel single-chip DECT IC delivers outstanding audio in Revolabs HD Wireless Microphones

Date published: 5/10/2010

‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands and Boston, MA, 10 May 2010 – SiTel Semiconductor and Revolabs, Inc. today announced that the new HD Wireless Microphone family from Revolabs features SiTel’s SC14480 single-chip Green DECT IC. The new Revolabs HD product line includes wearable and (omni and directional) tabletop microphones plus wireless adapters for handheld and earset microphones. It is ideal for applications where clear, natural communication is needed. SiTel’s integrated DECT solution handles the wireless link, allowing the microphones to deliver excellent sound quality and long battery lifetimes.

The new microphones are extremely compact and weigh in at just 30 grams. Yet they deliver high-definition audio with a bandwidth of 50-20,000 Hz, thanks to the SC14480’s high CATiq support. At the same time, the SC14480’s low power consumption means themicrophones can deliver up to 8 hours of talk time from a single Li-ion battery
“As a leader in silicon solutions for cordless communications, we are committed to bringing the unique benefits of DECT to new applications by making it easy for manufacturers in all areas to integrate this versatile technology into their systems. The use of our SC14480 single-chip DECT / CAT-iq IC in these impressive microphones is further evidence of how our solutions help customers create small form factor products with outstanding audio quality,” said Marius Bouman, Product Marketing Manager at SiTel.
“In our line of business, sound quality is everything. By combining Revolabs innovative audio technology with the SiTel solution, we deliver sound so natural you’ll forget you’re even using a microphone. Moreover as a low-power, single-chip solution, the SiTel IC let us create smaller solutions with longer talk times – which is an outstanding benefit to our customers,” said Jon Schau, VP Engineering at Revolabs.
Powered by SiTel’s single-ship DECT ICs, the Revolabs HD Wireless Microphones can be used as part of a complete audio system for video- and teleconferencing, distance learning, webcasting and other unified collaboration applications. And with 128-bit proprietary encryption on each microphone channel, all communication is secure.