thereNow Europe Chooses Revolabs Wireless Microphone for New Educational Product

Date published: 1/13/2010

London, UK (January 13, 2010) –thereNow Europe, a leading developer of remote classroom observation products, announced today that they have integrated the Revolabs Wireless Microphone into IRIS Connect™, a new professional development tool for educators. thereNow Europe, based at the Innovation Centre at Sussex University, and thereNow, LLC, based in the US, chose the Revolabs Wearable Wireless Microphone above all others because of its innovative form factor, wireless capabilities and audio performance.
The IRIS Connect™ product is based on scientific research showing that new technologies which provide remote lesson observation can greatly increase teacher performance through training, lesson observation and lesson capture. IRIS Connect™ enables remote classroom observation from anywhere in the world using a personal computer, web browser, and a Revolabs Wireless Microphone to capture the audio and video.
“IRIS Connect enables educational researchers to observe classrooms like never before because it is less obtrusive, it eliminates the need to travel, and it provides a suite of customizable data collection tools. Our technical staff looked for the best microphone worldwide and chose the Revolabs product to integrate into IRIS Connect™ due to its unique features, such as encryption, portability, unobtrusiveness, and great audio”, said Shawn Edmondson, Ph.D, CEO, thereNow Inc. “We are pleased to announce this new product at BETT, the world’s largest educational technology event. IRIS Connect™ is truly a new technology that will allow teachers and administrators all over the world to collaborate and ultimately improve their performance.”
“Remote classroom observation is the latest application for our innovative wireless microphones”, stated Gregory Shalov, Vice President of Global Sales, Revolabs. “Our wireless microphones are ideal for many educational applications and are currently used in classrooms all over the world for purposes such as hearing assistance, podcasting and distance learning.”