Sound & Video Contractor - Revolabs: A New Face

Date published: 3/18/2006

Conference room mics are not generally the most exciting technology - there’s a pod in the middle of a table, and people lean over and shout into it, and those on the other end of the call strain to parse words. Revolabs, a new company, is looking to change all that. Their approach is to take the mic off the table and allow individuals each to have a wireless unit. For more information about this new and innovative company, click here. The Solo Executive system can support up to 24 wireless microphones in one room that’s three systems stacked supporting eight mics each.

The mics themselves are about the size of a shotgun shell (pictured) and clip to participants’ lapels. Individualizing the audio pickup aids mobility and makes for much less ambient sound. (Participants can also mute their mics easily.) Mic batteries last about nine hours, and they recharge easily in a tray. Revolabs gave me a demo pitting a Shure tabletop unit against its Solo system, and the difference became clear when more than one person wanted to talk the individual muting capability of the Solo system is a very valuable one. With mics so close to the participants’ voices, ambient noise was all but eliminated with the Solo.