Huddle Room 101: Making the Most of Small Conference Spaces

In this guide, we've shared how to set up a huddle room for maximum effectiveness, so that you take advantage of the small space.


Selecting the Best Mic Solution For Every Environment

Today’s wireless mics solve these issues and add several advanced features, making them a dependable solution in many environments where only wired mics had previously been considered. Now, the batteries in wireless microphones are often rechargeable and last a lot longer than they used to—at least eight hours on one charge. The frequency spectrums are also much more regulated these days. To mitigate spectrum issues, manufacturers, including Revolabs, have developed microphones that use the unlicensed DECT band. For exceptional ease of use, DECT microphones automatically look for and change frequencies themselves. By using new spectrums, channel hopping, and DSP, the wireless microphones of today provide dramatically improved sound quality; and almost all wireless microphones come with a low-battery warning light, so users never have to experience unexpected downtime. - See more at: http://www.avnetwork.com/columns/0020/selecting-the-best-mic-solution-for-every-environment/96912#sthash.lpEkGR5P.dpuf

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