Huddle Room 101: Making the Most of Small Conference Spaces

In this guide, we've shared how to set up a huddle room for maximum effectiveness, so that you take advantage of the small space.


It Sounds Better; Conferencing

Audio conferencing is part of Unified Communications (UC). UC is technology for the end user. Although many forms of communications are available, both audio and video conferencing depend on high quality sound. If the sound is unintelligible, then collaboration is next to impossible.

You can take the UC audio/video conference technologies for granted. But is the audio good enough for long conferences? Can everyone be easily understood? Do you get tired trying to understand everyone?

Listen to the podcast recorded at Enterprise Connect 16 with Tim Root CTO and EVP of Business Development for Revolabs www.revolabs.com and Gary Audin discuss both the microphone and speaker requirements necessary for successful and productive audio and video conferences.

Revolabs, Inc. www.revolabs.com is the premier provider of audio solutions for unified communications, enterprise collaboration, and professional audio applications across a wide range of markets and applications supporting the road warrior to the executive in a boardroom. The company’s teleconferencing and microphone systems are utilized across the globe for a variety of applications, from webcasts and video conferencing to podcasts and broadcasting. Revolabs’ solutions eliminate the cord, facilitating natural mobility by allowing participants to move about a workspace and still be heard, without being held back by wires. Revolabs’ systems are secure (encrypted), rechargeable (environmentally friendly), and GSM-impervious.

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