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Revolabs Executive Elite goes wireless with the Cloud

Revolabs-Executive Elite conference system

The distinguishing feature of the Revolabs Executive Elite wireless microphone system is the Cloud server option, which allows users access to a combination of local and Cloud-based capabilities.

For remote management, including third-party installations, the Cloud-based environment provides management of all customer-specific Executive Elite installations on a single screen. Administrators can access information such as microphone status, audio and radio signal strength, and system performance via an intuitive web-based interface.

The four- and eight-channel system is designed for medium-sized to large applications. To facilitate installation, Executive Elite’s remote antenna receiver and base units connect via a standard Cat5e or Cat6 cable with power over Ethernet (PoE) support. The system’s redesigned microphones boast superior audio pickup, improved signal-to-noise ratio, easy operation and enhanced digital signal communication over wireless links – plus what the company calls an ‘elegant Fortune 500 look’.


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