Huddle Room 101: Making the Most of Small Conference Spaces

In this guide, we've shared how to set up a huddle room for maximum effectiveness, so that you take advantage of the small space.


Earbuds Sound Awful: Consumer Grade Audio Insufficient for the Enterprise

Most of us don't give a lot of thought to the quality of audio generated by our phones, cars, televisions or PCs. This is unfortunate, because most of our consumer electronics devices that have audio capability produce only passable quality. Many audiophiles swear by their iOS or other device when it's used with the right peripherals in the right situation. But when audiophiles remark on the kind of quality these devices can produce, it's because they may be treating the iPhone only as a file store or a streaming interface. When used with high-quality peripherals, they're bypassing all of the built-in audio processing on the iPhone and using external speakers and sound processors which leverage data-rich connections such as the Lightening port (USB on Android) or Bluetooth connection. Fundamentally, there is nothing wrong with the sound of an iPhone (or many of its Android counterparts), as just one example, but when used with cheap earbuds, the overall audio experience is degraded.

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