Installed Audio Conference Room Systems for Beginners

In this guide, we've offered a top-level overview of installed conference room audio systems for small businesses and IT beginners.


Revolabs Reinvents Audio Go-to-Market with Indix

Randy Lee had a big task when he came to Revolabs as Director of Strategic and Channel Marketing two-and-a-half years ago: he needed to put together a robust lead generation engine that would feed sales. They implemented a classic push-pull organization where one part of the sales team pushed product into the channel, while another part focused on end users to create pull through it. Randy decided to leverage their online presence to create more sales opportunities with Revolabs’ channels. In order to achieve this, the website needed more than just a “contact us” form. Furthermore, Revolabs’ customer personas were shifting. Historically most conference audio purchases were driven by professional audiovisual service installers. However, this audio world was increasingly being taken over by IT professionals for everything but the biggest conference room installations. “The challenge with selling to IT is that the IT market space is noisy and crowded with tons of vendors,” said Randy. “IT professionals generally have less experience with conference audio, and many of the solutions out there are inadequate. Our challenge was is to get brand awareness out there.” IT professionals were accustomed to buying directly from direct market resellers (DMRs), and Revolabs had great product lines that addressed their needs better than the competition. The challenge Revolabs found was that DMRs typically only paid attention when big dollars and expensive programs were involved. As a smaller manufacturer, Revolabs could only do so much from a big dollar perspective. To garner more attention from resellers, Randy had to bring them leads and show how they were leading to sales. He realized that they needed to change the nature of the ecommerce relationship in the B2B sphere, especially since he was dealing with an indirect sales model that precluded their own online store. “That’s when we said, ‘You know what? Maybe we should have a Buy Now button for our products.’ With a Buy Now button, as IT people researched products and solutions, they could check pricing and then immediately buy directly from the resellers they prefer,” said Randy. “Our ultimate goal was to provide a way for interested parties to buy something right away from our resellers, while also demonstrating the value of our relationships with our key partners.” That’s when Randy turned to Goldstein Group Communications and Hileman Group to redesign the web experience and help them implement the Buy Now button to drive qualified traffic directly to their preferred partners. To implement the Buy Now button, the team started looking for an alternative to the closed Google Product Search API that they could access programmatically. They did considerable research online identifying several options and ultimately reduced it down to two, finally recommending Indix. “We recommended Indix to Revolabs because of the Product API,” said Brett Colasanti, who managed the Indix implementation. “It provided features similar to the Google Product Search API, but it also had advanced product searching options, provided detailed product information, and was simple to use.” During implementation, Brett and the team worked closely with Indix customer success in order to make sure the resellers listed only included Revolabs’ preferred partners. The implementation of the Buy Now button uses the Indix Product API to find product information from online stores selling Revolabs’ products. Each qualifying Revolabs product displays a link to the online stores’ product pages alongside the current prices at those stores. This allows visitors to easily view the pricing from each of the preferred online distributors and go directly to the store page to purchase the product.

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