University of Twente: Recapturing the Value of Lectures


Located in Enschede, Netherlands, the University of Twente is one of theorld’s most entrepreneurial schools, according to the 2015 Valorization Ranking, a program that ranks schools based on how universities utilize their scientific and technological knowledge to create economic and social benefits. Talented staff and students collaborate on groundbreaking research, progressive ideas, and innovative technologies. Providing an exceptional learning opportunity that fosters independent and critical thinking to turn today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders is at the heart of the school’s mission.

Unfortunately, that exceptional learning opportunity was being compromised by a poor audio experience in many of the school’s classrooms. Students struggled to hear and understand lectures, a key source of class material. Professors and staff constantly wrestled with the wireless microphones— getting belt packs attached to clothing, changing dead batteries, and dealing with feedback and interference—wasting valuable class time and burdening the support team with endless calls to resolve the same issues multiple times throughout the day.

This classroom experience reflected poorly on the school, because class sessions were becoming increasingly frustrating and fatiguing. The school needed a solution that would overcome these challenges and allow staff to focus on delivering excellent course material rather than worrying about whether their students could hear them.


Clear, intelligible sound was top priority to ensure students would hear and understand every word. With more than 90 lecture halls on campus, the solution needed to be reliable, easy to deploy, and easy for the staff to operate. Since class time is valuable, it couldn’t be wasted on calls to support staff to troubleshoot system shortcomings. The system had to guarantee quick startup, plenty of error-free talk time, and allow professors to move freely around the classroom while delivering a lecture.

Revolabs HD wireless microphone system is a unique product on the market. The ease of installation and ease of use is unmatched.

Solution & Results

University of Twente selected the Revolabs HD Single and Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System to resolve the school’s audio issues. Due to the microphone systems’ ease of installation, the school’s internal AV team was able to install them on their own. In the 35 lecture halls with the new microphone system, audio never drops out, interference is eliminated, and speech is clear and intelligible — restoring the staff’s trust in the system and the school’s AV department. Teaching staff can walk into class, quickly switch on the mic, attach it to their shirt or blouse, and never have to worry about students missing their lecture due to system failures. As a rechargeable system, staff has ample time to lecture without wasting time messing with batteries. The system has also decreased the volume of calls to the school’s support service, freeing up those resources to other areas. And if the professor accidentally walks off with the microphone still attached, it will chime and blink as a gentle reminder to return it to the lecture hall.

“Revolabs HD wireless microphone system is a unique product on the market. The ease of installation and ease of use is unmatched,” said Roy Juninck, lecture theatre maintenance and support for the University of Twente. “With the Revolabs HD Single and Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System, we were able to install an unparalleled solution that solved all of our audio headaches and provided amazing audio clarity.

“It’s so simple to use that the staff can literally forget all about the audio. They trust the system to do its job and provide the best lecture experience for their students,” said Juninck. “Our investment in this system has also truly eased the burden on our support team. Within the first week of operation, we saw a significant decrease in the number of support calls from our professors. After such a positive experience, we’re currently in the process of installing the Revolabs HD wireless solution in more of our theater-style lecture halls.”