University of Surrey: Higher Education Demands Higher Audio Quality


Located in the south of England, the University of Surrey is an international university with a worldwide reputation for excellence in teaching and research. In August 2011, the University broke ground on a renovation of its flagship lecture hall, which seats more than 300 people and is used heavily for a variety of educational, conference, and broadcasting events. The project included a new ceiling for the theatre, major work to the front wall, and a new A/V infrastructure featuring a high-end wireless microphone system.


univ-of-surrey-(1).PNG“The microphone system is a key component of this installation,” said Simon Loder, CTS-D IT/AV systems analyst at the University of Surrey. “When selecting a solution, our main requirements were that it be a high-quality, resilient system with rechargeable microphones, remote management capabilities, and immunity to interference caused by other radio mics being used in the area. In addition, as the system would be used day to day by a number of different academics who might be unfamiliar with its operation, ease of use was a high priority.”

To satisfy these criteria, the University chose Revolabs Executive HD 4- and 8-channel wireless microphone systems, in addition to six HD directional tabletop microphones, two HD wearable microphones, and two HD XLR adaptors for handheld microphones.

Solution & Results

The HD 4- and 8-channel units are mounted in a rack and feed Ecler MIMO88 digital audio matrixes and NZA amplifiers. Speakers for the system are recessed behind acoustically transparent cloth in the theatre’s front wall, ensuring optimal audio quality while presenting the cleanest possible look. The systems’ charging stations are connected to a local PC for management and firmware updates.

All and all, the Executive HD has more than met our expectations.”

“The high-quality 7.1 surround sound that the Revolabs systems offer is outstanding, and the feedback we’ve received from users is very positive. They find the units easy to use and love the rechargeable functionality. The Executive HD’s performance is not generally commented on, which is actually a really good sign. Negative feelings are always expressed openly, but praise isn’t. All and all, the Executive HD has more than met our expectations.”


  • Exceptional audio quality with immunity to interference
  • Simple to operate
  • Remote management software for monitoring and controlling networked systems
  • Rechargeable microphones provide up to eight hours of talk time
  • Variety of microphone options available