The Ticket to High-Quality Video Conferencing

Supply Chain Technology Company Streamlines Conferencing and Collaboration with Yamaha’s CS-700 Video Sound BarTM
Vantage Point Logistics (VPL) is on the fast track. Founded 10 years ago, the supply chain technology firm for the healthcare market is more than 70 employees strong and manages a client roster that includes HCA, Ascension, MD Anderson Cancer Center and the University of California System. To accommodate its continuous growth, the company recently acquired significantly more office space in Ohio. A peek inside the new office reveals a distinct priority on collaboration and communication. Housed in VPL’s new headquarters is a collection of 12 conference rooms ranging in size each appointed for specific use cases, including two video conferencing suites specially appointed for its sales staff to meet with new and potential clients.
In order for these two small meeting spaces to sell, they needed to be equipped with a video conferencing solution that met all their IT and user requirements. The company wanted to steer clear of the cumbersome meeting set up and maintenance they experienced at their old location. There, calls were conducted with a hodgepodge of AV equipment. The components didn’t integrate well together and created a frustrating IT admin and user experience.
“We have a minimum of three conference calls in each room every day, and many of our clients are university-run hospitals.” said Brad Wendel, IT systems specialist at VPL. “There’s not a lot of time to troubleshoot problems, and our sales staff can’t be worried about the audio or video quality.”
In surveying the video conferencing market, the perfect solution had to fit VPL’s parameters. First, the solution had to be compatible with any UC platform. Second, to help their sales team drive meetings without dedicated IT support from their small four-person team, the solution had to seamlessly integrate microphones, video camera, and speakers in one device. Third, and most important, it had to deliver the highest caliber of audio and video quality.
Although there are many options that integrate with Zoom — the company’s current UC software, the question was which one would deliver on the promise of natural, clear audio for all participants? VPL relied on Integrated Building Systems’ expertise for the answer. The IT consultant and installation firm recommended Yamaha CS-700 Video Sound BarTM.
Unlike other video conferencing solutions, the CS-700 Video Sound Bar is built by a leader in audio: Yamaha. The CS-700 leverages Yamaha’s years of expertise in high-quality audio for enterprise and live events. In developing the CS-700, Yamaha recognized the need for comprehensive video conferencing system for small conference room and huddle rooms. It is not only compatible with any UC software, supports the BYOD trend, and is simple to use, but it also delivers the professional audio quality that can’t be found in other solutions.

In the past, IT and tech staff often had to rely on a separate audio and video equipment. The components cluttered the floor and tables with cables. In addition, individual devices created more work for already over-burdened technology administrators, who are responsible for overseeing and maintaining the software updates to a growing number of devices per a room.

“We spend a lot of our time managing constant updates, which can be a no-win situation when somebody goes in with a Mac with an old OS because chances are that the equipment in the room has been updated enough to where it no longer talks to the old one,” said Wendel. “That’s the ongoing challenge to support a room that requires many different components to make a video conference call happen quickly. The CS-700 would help us decrease that workload and troubleshooting.”
The CS-700 eliminates all these hurdles by delivering the highest quality audio, video, and collaboration capabilities in a single wall-mounted unit. Taking care of both audio and video requirements, it features an adaptive beamforming microphone array that ensure perfectly captured conversation anywhere in the room; four Yamaha speaker elements that guarantee sales reps don’t miss a word; and a wide-angle HD camera that captures everyone in the room in clear detail. Users can quickly connect to any UC platform via a single USB, eliminating the frustrations and inefficiencies of operating separate systems.
VPL also has the flexibility to use the CS-700 with the UC platform of their choosing. Currently the company’s UC software provider is Zoom, with which the CS-700 was tested and certified to seamlessly integrate. When users launch Zoom, the software automatically detects the CS-700, enables mute sync, and optimizes the audio in the Zoom cloud. Finally, the CS-700's integrated network management system allows IT staff to deploy and remotely manage each unit from one location, increasing service response and efficiency.
“Coming from a conference room where it was ad hoc, you don’t even notice the CS-700 at all,” said Wendel. “It looks and sounds professional, but everyone is able to run the meeting on their own.”
VPL setup the rooms so that users can initiate meetings from a tablet dialer. Out of the box, the CS-700 was not integrating with the dialer. Working with Yamaha support to install the most recent updated firmware compatible with the device, users can now start calls in seconds.
“When we called Yamaha, the real-time support took me by surprise. Often manufacturer support just issues you a ticket and they get back to you when they’re ready,” said Wendel. “Yamaha went out of their way to stay on the call, walk through event logs, and then create a firmware update. I can't think of another time that I've seen any manufacturer go that far out of their way to help with something — not just hand it off and wish me luck. Yamaha was in this with us, which is exactly the kind of support IT departments need.”