At the Peak of Business


Yamaha UC’s Easy-to-Use Conferencing Solutions Help Snow Peak Business Solutions Gather Remote Teams Together with Clear Conversations.
Snow Peak Business Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Snow Peak Corporation in Okazaki, Japan, is focused on strengthening corporate communications with the latest information and communication technology (ICT). The company paid early attention to Office 365 as a possibility for team building and became a nationwide reseller with a deep level of expertise.

In 2016, the company expanded and opened a branch in Nagoya. Not only a reseller, Snow Peak relies on the platform’s Microsoft Teams internally for team building. It allows its employees to connect with those in its other offices as well as with other companies, holding approximately 20-30 meetings a week per employee. Snow Peak has two meeting environments: The headquarters and the branch office both feature the company’s innovative showrooms that it markets as a camping office for small team meetings. The headquarters also includes a large conference room for the afternoon assemblies that are held every day with the branch offices calling in remotely. Remote participants of both environments are supported with Microsoft Teams.

The small, camp-themed conferencing environment features table and chairs under tents and tables that replicate bonfires for meeting participants to gather around. This concept was created as a way to deepen communication and create new ideas. However, the audio quality was poor due to noise in the open workspace atmosphere. In the large conference room, it was hard for those not close to the microphone to be heard during afternoon assemblies.

Updated Conferencing Solution Needed for Clearer Conversations

Snow Peak required a conferencing solution designed to deliver clearer, stress-free conversations. After three months of testing various products on the market, Yamaha UC was selected because of its ability to deliver clear audio, especially in large conference rooms and in noisy environments.

scene_01.jpgYamaha UC’s YVC-200 personal speakerphone proved to be ideal for the camp meeting space. The lightweight and compact device can be carried anywhere easily. It offers professional-quality audio while connected to a laptop, phone, or tablet via Bluetooth® or USB. It features Yamaha UC’s adaptive echo cancellation (AEC), human voice activity detection (HVAD), and ultra-wideband audio to provide crystal clear calls. Boasting a built-in rechargeable battery for up to 10 hours of use, it also allows the team to use the phone even in its outdoor camp setup without worrying about locating it near a power source. It also offers simple plug-and-play operability. With its portable design, the company plans to use the YVC-200 to support other various conferencing scenarios, including on the go or at home.

For its afternoon assembly video conferences at Okazaki head office, the Yamaha UC YVC-1000 with extension microphones was selected for its ability to precisely collect and clearly deliver audio in large conference rooms. This intuitive communications system features separate microphone and speaker units for flexibility during calls. Designed to support up to two external speakers and five daisy-chained microphones, it’s the perfect scalable solution for accommodating larger meeting rooms and additional participants. AEC and HVAD minimize background noise, facilitating natural, stress-free conversation during every call.


Yamaha's Bluetooth Conference Phones Make Meetings Better

During the assembly calls, video is projected on a large screen at both offices, with the Okazaki office using the YVC-1000 and three to four employees at the Nagoya branch gathering around the YVC-200 in its camp-style meeting room. With Yamaha’s superior audio quality, the   meeting sounds as though everyone is in the same conference room. Even though the Okazaki headquarters has as many as 30 participants and some sit relatively far from the conference phone, the YVC-1000’s innovative extension microphone allows all participants’ voices to be heard clearly on the far end.
Of all devices that Snow Peak vetted over its three-month testing period, there was none that offered the scalability or the audio quality of Yamaha UC’s conferencing solutions. As a recognized and knowledgeable Office 365 reseller, Snow Peak plans to propose Yamaha UC’s conferencing solutions to its customers, especially as an indispensable tool within its camping office design.