Mynavi Collaborates with Hotels to Offer More Secure Coworking Spaces Using VSP-2 Speech Privacy


Mynavi Opens Personal Suite Coworking Spaces at TwoTokyo Hotels

  • · Aim to enter coworking space market and maximize recruiting for businesses

  • · Collaborate with hotels to open coworking spaces aimed at corporate customers

Mynavi Corporation provides a wide variety of services related primarily to human resources . One of those services is Mynavi Biz, a new service that provides residences to corporate customers.On April 1, 2021, Mynavi opened coworking spaces at two hotels in Tokyo (Shimbashi and Kichijoji) under its  Personal Suite brand, targeted at corporate customers. This marked the company’s successful entry into the rapidly growing satellite office and coworking space market. This new service helps support businesses that promote more flexible working styles, and contributes to improved employee engagement, as well as an increased ability to recruit for businesses. By opening the coworking spaces in hotels, Mynavi helps support the struggling hotel industry, which it has ties to via its online travel agency (OTA) business. Hotels are also a good fit for coworking spaces because they’re often located near train stations, they feature excellent management and thorough infection control measures, and they focus on hospitality, which all contribute to offering a more valuable service.

Mynavi Chooses Yamaha's VSP-2 to Create Secure Work Environment For Customers

  • · Decided on semi-private booths after surveying 10+ competitor facilities
  • · System design was handled by an interior design/construction company that recommended and installed a VSP-2 setup at H1T

Mynavi made the decision to enter the coworking space market in October 2020, six months before opening the two spaces. After surveying more than ten competitor coworking space facilities, they chose to implement a design primarily based on single-person booths (semi-private booths with gaps above the walls), which would allow customers to focus on their work and participate in web conferences and make telephone calls freely. One of the coworking space facilities they visited was H1T from Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. This facility had implemented the VSP-2 Speech Privacy System as an “information leakage countermeasure” to prevent customers’ conversations from being heard outside of their own booths. “Quick, stable internet access” and “a secure work environment with measures against information leakage, etc.” are both conditions required by corporations that use satellite offices/coworking spaces; and fulfilling these conditions would set Mynavi apart from many of its competitors. They decided to hire Kobayashi Corporation, the same company that designed and built H1T, to handle the overall design and construction of the Personal Suite locations, including VSP-2 sound masking.

VSP-2 System Eliminates Distraction Caused By Nearby Conversations

  • · Ceiling-mounted, wide-area masking effective against conversation noise leakage

  • · Automate operation by using timers to turn power off

On April 1, 2021, two Personal Suite locations opened in Shimbashi and Kichijoji, each with VSP-2 systems and additional VSP-SP2 speakers. Speakers on ceilings and beams above the partitions separating semi-private booths play masking sounds across a wide area. Customers have praised the system highly, saying the sound masking allows them to participate in web conferences and talk on the phone freely without being bothered by sound from neighboring booths.. Masking sound levels have also been reduced over time as customers got used to web conferencing and gradually began lowering their voices out of consideration for other customers. Additionally, a little bit of creativity has made automated operation possible: contracted cleaning staff turn the power on in the mornings and timers are used to turn power off automatically at closing time. Personal Suite has enjoyed a successful launch, with more than 200 contracts to start, consisting primarily of large corporations. Mynavi plans to continue collaboration with hotels to develop more satellite offices/coworking spaces in the future.

Customer Voice
Mynavi Corporation Executive Officer and General Manager of Corporate Solutions Division
With reductions in the labor force population causing worker shortages in a variety of industries, there is a demand on businesses to offer more work location flexibility, such as working from home or satellite offices/coworking spaces. The market for such solutions is expected to continue growing. When it comes to coworking spaces, people tend to pay more attention to quick, secure internet access, but addressing sound, as we have done here, is an important aspect of information security as well. As competition intensifies going forward, we feel that businesses will place more and more emphasis on a safe and secure new normal, which is why we use signage, at Personal Suite locations to indicate the use of Yamaha Speech Privacy Systems.

VSP-2 Implementation at Mynavi Biz Satellite Office PERSONAL SUITE Shimbashi


Speakers were installed on ceilings and beams above partitions separating semi-private booths.
Masking sounds are played over a wide area to reduce audibility of conversations and phone calls inside booths in neighboring booths and hallways.