Investec - Cutting the Chord


In December 2011, Investec Bank – a specialist provider of active investment products and services – began the renovation of a large meeting area on the ground floor of its London office. The space is split into two multi-purpose rooms – the “Diagonal” and “Throgmorton” rooms – which are separated by a removable wall, allowing for the formation of one large room. In addition to redesigning the space to create a sleek, modern look, the company also needed to replace its outdated A/V equipment, which was about 10 years old. One area that received a great deal of attention was the microphone systems employed for the company’s quarterly events, general meetings, and video conferences.


Previously, Investec had been using wired microphone solutions, which simply weren’t practical for its multipurpose spaces. The rooms have very fast turnaround times between different uses, and its microphones need to be able to adjust to each new application and room layout quickly and easily. So when replacing its microphone systems, it was imperative to move away from wired solutions. In addition, the new systems had to provide exceptional audio quality, especially for video conferencing.

Originally, Investec envisioned solving its “wiring” problem with ceiling microphones. However, the company came to realize that this was not a feasible alternative, as AC vents in the ceiling would introduce unwelcome noise. Instead, they turned to the Revolabs Executive HD wireless microphone system.

Solution & Results

Investec purchased five Executive HD systems, along with four wearable microphones, four handheld adaptors, and 30 tabletop microphones. Some of the microphones are dedicated for video conferencing, while others are used for general voice amplification.

“The Executive HD systems have proven to be the perfect solutions to meet our needs,” said Tony Griffiths, audio-visual technician of Investec Bank. “They are extremely flexible, and can easily accommodate the different uses of our meeting rooms. The audio quality is also outstanding. Everyone can hear each other perfectly for video conferences, and general voice amplification is excellent. And of course, they are very easy to use for our staff. There’s only one button on the microphones, and since there are no wires, set-up is a breeze. It’s been a real pleasure having these systems; I haven’t received any complaints.”

They are extremely flexible, and can easily accommodate the different uses of our meeting rooms. The audio quality is also outstanding.


  • Wireless design provides the flexibility to change the setup in the room based on the need
  • Exceptional audio quality with immunity to interference
  • Simple to operate
  • Variety of microphone options available
  • Integration with all control systems via RS-232