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How The Performance of Your Wireless Microphone Systems Impacts Employee Engagement: The Value of Crystal Clear Vocal Audio

When good audio is doing its job, we don't notice it. We're too engaged in the conversation or dicussion at hand. This article will provide a deep-dive into how the performance of your wireless microp ...


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Omnidirectional Sound For Maximum Audio Clarity

Now that the Hybrid Reality is upon of us, it's important to evaluate the audio solutions in our offices and make sure we're providing the best audio quality for both in office and remote employees. I ...

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The Latest Advancements in Wireless Microphone Technology

When using technology to capture sound, a wireless microphone system offers several advantages over one that’s hard-wired and connected to a PA system or mixing board. This article unveils the latest ...

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What States Require Video For Telemedicine?

Telemedicine was on the rise well before COVID-19, but the pandemic cemented its place in health care. Instead of making a trip to the doctor’s office, telemedicine allowed those seeking treatment to ...

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The Equipment Our Remote Care Partners Trust And How Your Business Can Offer Transborder Health Medicine

What does a successful remote care system look like? This article delves into the history of remote care, the difference between telehealth vs. telemedicine, and the roadblocks to improvement that hav ...

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Pink Noise and White Noise and Brown Noise, Oh my! The Differences Revealed

Although it may sound complicated, pardon the pun; differentiating White Noise, Pink Noise and Brown Noise isn't as difficult as it seems. Let’s dive right in. 

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Why Your Commercial Office Needs a Speech Privacy System

A corporate office can be a noisy place. If there are frequent visitors, you may not want them overhearing the strategy session in the office conference room. Speech privacy systems can not only help ...

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How Speech Privacy Systems Prevent Information Leakage

Traditional sound masking systems typically consist of a control unit and several external speakers. Yamaha Unified Communications, recently introduced its VSP-2 Speech Privacy System. Why is this a g ...

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5 Ways Speech Privacy Systems Can Protect Your Business from Compliance Risk

Typical speech privacy systems work by using audio speakers, often mounted in the ceiling ties of an office or conference room, but how do they work and why would you need one? Let’s dive in. 

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5 Considerations for Virtual Court Hearings (Plus Tips for Quality Control)

Though virtual courtroom hearings first became widespread in March 2020, there’s still a whirlwind of questions surrounding these hearings. Considering the sensitive nature of conversation and the lon ...

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Speech Intelligibility Rating Explained

What is Speech Intelligibility and why is it important? Are there any instances when speech should be made less intelligible? This article will cover the different components of the Speech Intelligibi ...

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