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How The Performance of Your Wireless Microphone Systems Impacts Employee Engagement: The Value of Crystal Clear Vocal Audio

When good audio is doing its job, we don't notice it. We're too engaged in the conversation or dicussion at hand. This article will provide a deep-dive into how the performance of your wireless microp ...


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Backordered!? - How to Navigate Recent Shortages in Conference Room AV Equipment

If you’re in the market for conference room A/V equipment but are struggling to find what you need, you likely have two questions in mind: what is causing supply chain issues, and what can I do about ...

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Guide to Gooseneck Microphones

Wherever you’ve seen them, gooseneck microphones are useful in many different workplace environments. In this article, we’ll cover what exactly a gooseneck microphone is, what gooseneck microphones ar ...

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Hot Desking vs Hoteling Office Space

New methods for reserving and optimizing desk space for hybrid workers are becoming critical in keeping workers productive and buildings well utilized. As a provider of audio solutions for a variety o ...

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What is Ambient Sound?

The noises in any given environment can have a profound effect on our stress levels and our ability to concentrate on what matters. Some of the latest advancements in audio technology aim to reduce th ...

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Best Microphone Options for Conference Tables

From ceiling microphones to wireless mic systems and soundbars, there are a multitude of ways to outfit a conference room for a high-quality video conferencing experience. However, sometimes the best ...

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Avoid Fatigue With These Home Office Ergonomic Tips

Whether you're working or just casually browsing at your desk, these ergonomic home office tips can help you be more comfortable and avoid repetitive-use injuries. Setting up your computer in your off ...

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How to Mount a Soundbar

You got yourself a great soundbar, preferably the ESB-1090 from Yamaha Unified Communications. Now, the most important question: how do you mount it? We'll get you the full answer in this article.

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Soundbar HDMI vs Optical: Which to Use?

As more and more companies return to the office, it's imperative that conference rooms are outfitted with the correct equipment to power technology. Yet, there isn't just one correct way to set up a s ...

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How to Avoid Glasses Glare During Video Conferences

If you wear glasses daily, and you struggle with annoying glare while on video calls, you're not alone. Get tips on how to avoid light reflection or glare in your glasses during important video confer ...

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Bandwidth Requirements for Good Video Conference Quality

With multiple people working from home under one roof, certain bandwith is required for successful video conference calls. Learn more about the different video conference bandwidth requirements across ...

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