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How to Break Down Silos and Work More Collaboratively as a Business

How to Break Down Silos and Work More Collaboratively As a Business It's only natural that members of an organization feel that their department is the most important. The sales team brings in th ...


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5 Reasons Why Workers are Refusing to Return to the Office

The pushback from employees about returning to the office full time has been significant. This article will outline the major complaints employees typically have about coming back to the office and ho ...

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How to Ensure a Smooth Transition Back to the Office

More and more employers are anxious to get their workforce back into the office, whether it's full time or not. The transition can be difficult, as many have grown accustomed to some of the benefits o ...

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Hybrid Office Design: Ensuring Your Office Layout Works for Both In-Person and Remote Employees

As employees begin to return to offices, the working environment is sure to change with some workers opting to continue to work from home while others decide to come into the office. This hybrid appro ...

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What to Buy with Your Work from Home Stipend

As the follow-up to our "What is a Work from Home Stipend" article, this piece should outline all of the different products employees can purchase using their work from home stipend. We'll want to fea ...

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How to Improve Your Audio Quality on Zoom and Other Virtual Meeting Platforms

Virtual communication is now considered a staple for many industries who had to adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as virtual meeting platforms like zoom and Google Meet continue to adapt, m ...

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Everything to Know About the Global Chip Shortage Causing Delays in Laptop, Headphone, and Game Console Production

For months, many industries have been impacted by the global chip shortage. This article is meant to be a newsy explainer on the situation. What is the chip shortage? Why is it happening? When can we ...

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How To Spend the CARES Act Funds Before Your Deadline

If you work in higher education, or if your role is responsible for education spending, you probably know that the deadline to spend funds provided by the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund, part ...

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What is a Work From Home Stipend and What Can You Spend it On?

As more and more employees opt to continue to work from home, some employers are offering "work from home" stipends for individuals to use for home equipment. This article should be a high-level expla ...

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Why a Hybrid Work Model Could Save Companies Billions of Dollars per Year

In this article, we will discuss the cost savings many companies are seeing by switching to a hybrid work model. It is also important to point out that with these large savings, companies can/should i ...

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How to Stay Organized and Productive in a Hybrid Office

As employees start to return to offices, many are going to be facing the new reality of hybrid working. This can often lead to disorganization as individuals must work between two different workspaces ...

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