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The Best Bluetooth Speakerphone for Working from Home

If you're constantly on the go, we highly recommend adding a Bluetooth speaker to your travel arsenal. We've outlined the top 3 benefits of a portable Bluetooth speakerphone for your home office or b ...


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What's Ahead for Revolabs in 2013?

Now that 2012 is behind us, I’m really excited about what’s in store for 2013! Congress is back and it looks like the worst part of the fiscal cliff has been averted despite much posturing and finge ...

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Revolabs 2012 - A Year in Review

With most of us involved in end of year planning, you get a chance to take your head out of the daily grind and reflect back on the year that just passed. When you take that time to review the highs ...

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5 Ways to Utilize Revolabs in Houses of Worship This Holiday Season

Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, and of course, Happy Festivus: The Holiday For The Rest Of Us.  Yes, the 2012 Holiday Season is officially upon us. For many people, it means gathering ...

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Audio: Much More than Half of the Conference

There is a long-standing expression in the film industry claiming that "sound is half of the picture."  As an audio professional and film school graduate, I certainly agree.   However, in the contex ...

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Free Revolabs Academy Training in Bolton UK on December 5, 2012

Come join us in Bolton, UK for a half day of training! This Revolabs Academy course will cover typical wireless microphone applications as well as applications of the new FLX conferencing phones.  ...

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How Many Revolabs HD Wireless Microphones Can Be Used Simultaneously?

Here is the scenario:  You are the AV design engineer or lead technician for a well-known higher education university system.  The new graduate school of business campus they are constructing has hu ...

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Home on the Range...Of Wireless Transmission

One of the most important features in Revolabs’ products is the ability to change the transmission distance of the receivers.  Whenever deploying a system, we always suggest that you not leave it on ...

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How To Update The Firmware On Your Revolabs FLX™ Wireless Conference Phone

The Revolabs FLX™ Wireless Conference Phone combines the flexibility of Revolabs wireless microphones with a wireless speaker and a wireless dialer.  The FLX works with analog or VoIP phone networks ...

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Audio – It’s What We Do!

Welcome to the launch of RevoBlog – where you can now “Read Every Word!”  As the marketing guru of Revolabs, and a staunch supporter of all things marketing, I am extremely excited about the opportu ...

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