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Choosing the Best Video Conferencing Software for Your Business

In this practical guide, we've shared the best video conferencing programs on the market, as well as their distinct strengths and weaknesses. Think of it as a roadmap to help determine which video ser ...


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What Revolabs Microphones Are Appropriate For Voice Lift?

Voice lift specifically means the use of a microphone(s) to amplify or lift one’s voice in a given space.  When a system is setup for voice lift speaking into a microphone will cause their voice to ...

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The Whole Wired World Can Now Be Wireless! - Part 2

Earlier this month, we posted this blog about using phantom powered microphones with our wireless XLR transmitters.  We got a great comment back and wanted to address the question using some new pho ...

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A Peek Into Product Management

As one of the Product Managers here at Revolabs, I am always looking forward, and trying to figure out where the (wireless) audio market is going.  Which features do we need to add, what will be the n ...

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The Truth About 32 – Part 2 of 2

Last week in Part 1 of my blog, I discussed a recent Revolabs project that had 6 rooms, and needed more than 32 channels of Revolabs wireless microphones, (32 is the limit in North America according ...

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The Truth About 32 – Part 1 of 2

While most will agree that from time to time, a manufacturers’ marketing message, sales pitch or technical specifications might exhibit a certain degree of, shall we say, "Plasticity"; I feel compelle ...

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Putting Skin In The Game: Revolabs and Our Partners

During my career, I’ve often heard that “putting skin in the game” is the key ingredient to making a relationship successful.  While many people believe this somewhat painful sounding phrase is tied ...

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Maintain Your Infocomm Certification Status with Revolabs Training

Are you an Infocomm International Certified Technology Specialist? Do you also have your CTS-I (Installation) or CTS-D (Design) certificate? According to Infocomm's website, CTS certifications are a ...

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What of the Digital Frequency Changover in the UK and Europe

After a great Olympics and Paralympics in London last year the final stages of the Digital Dividend Review (DDR) conclude. This blog post will address your questions in how this may/may not affect y ...

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ISE 2013 in Rewind

Yes, I know, ISE 2013 was soo last month, but the marketing department (i.e. me) took a much needed warm climate vacation, missed the Blizzard here in New England, and I don't feel the least bit gui ...

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How to execute GSA contracts using Executive HD and Fusion?

For years, Revolabs has been asked to develop a product that could be listed on GSA contracts.  However, due to the way Revolabs products were manufactured, this was not an option.  This prevented u ...

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