PTO Donating: What to Consider

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PTO Donating: What to Consider

As remote and hybrid work model trends continue, companies have begun offering their employees a variety of perks designed to build morale, improve retention, and increase productivity. Such perks include tuition reimbursement, free gym memberships, and access to mental health apps.

And one of the most popular perks companies are offering these days is PTO, or paid time off. That PTO can benefit the employee directly, and in some cases, be used to benefit a colleague in need.

What is PTO Donation?

A PTO donation policy allows employees to share their unused PTO for the benefit of those who need time off but have already exhausted their own PTO. That might include someone facing a medical emergency or coping with some sort of natural disaster.

PTO donation programs typically operate in one of three ways:

  • PTO bank – Employees can donate their unused PTO to an account where others in need can apply for the time according to the rules of the program

  • PTO sharing – Employees can donate their PTO directly to a colleague who needs it under the terms outlined by the program.

  • Charitable donation – Employees donate the value of their unused PTO time to a charitable organization of their choice.

Managing the tax implications

As with anything associated with employee benefits, individual companies will have their own PTO donation policy, and there may or may not be tax implications of donating unused PTO.

Whatever a company’s policy may be, two questions will likely arise:

Will the person receiving the benefit be required to pay taxes on the PTO time?

The simple answer is yes. Receiving donated PTO time is no different than receiving any other form of income, and as such will be taxable.

For the person donating their benefit, are PTO donations tax deductible?

In most cases, the PTO donor will be required to pay taxes on the shared PTO. The donation would be treated as a gift of after-tax income similar to donating money to your alma mater or a favorite charity.

There are exceptions, though. In cases where the leave is donated to assist those facing a medical emergency or natural disaster, the donor would typically not be required to pay taxes on the donated PTO.

The rules governing PTO donations can be complicated and can vary not only by state but by municipality. Companies setting up a PTO donation policy for their employees should consult with a tax attorney to ensure all the bases are covered

Additionally, companies need to lay out clear guidelines for the program prior to implementation. Are there limits on the amount of time that can be donated or received? Who is qualified to participate in the program? What if the donor is at one salary level and the recipient is at another? woman sitting on couch talking on iphone.jpg

And most importantly, what is the financial impact on a company of a PTO donation program?

Just the beginning

A PTO program is just one of the many perks companies are implementing in their efforts to develop a strong, loyal workforce. In light of the continued popularity of remote work among employees seeking a better work/life balance, for example, some of the world’s largest companies have implemented a hybrid workplace that allows staffers to spend part of their week at the office and the rest working from home.

Along with contributing to improved morale, higher productivity, and lower turnover on the part of employees, such changes have resulted in substantial savings for companies in terms of a reduction in space needs.

Some have also introduced work-from-home stipends that help remote workers defray the cost of things such as computers, conference phones, and high-speed Internet, improving their home office design and contributing to higher productivity.

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