Choosing the Right Zoom Certified Hardware

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Choosing the Right Zoom-Certified Hardware

People may not have been familiar with the web conferencing service Zoom prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, but chances are most of us are well acquainted with it now.

In December 2019 the company said about 10 million people were using the service. By April 2020, as lockdowns were implemented and many began working from home, that number had jumped to 200 million. By 2022, more than 300 million people in nearly 200 countries around the globe were using Zoom on a regular basis.

Although Zoom’s growth has been tempered now that people have started to return to the office, its place in the business world has likely become permanent. A significant portion of the workforce continues to do their jobs remotely, meaning they’ll keep using Zoom to remain connected with the home office or meet with colleagues and clients. Companies are relying on the convenience of web conferencing to help save on travel costs and to keep in regular contact with satellite offices around the globe. And unfortunately, the “snow day” for which kids anxiously await in the middle of winter has been replaced by Zoom lessons where the class logs in from home.woman on zoom call using yamaha speakerphone.jpg

Today, the term Zoom is entrenched in our vocabulary. We Zoom into a weekly sales meeting, and uninvited pranksters Zoom-bomb a session to cause disruption. Some of us even suffer from Zoom fatigue from logging into too many online conferences.

Part of the popularity of Zoom stems from the fact that the service is so easy to use. In many cases, all it takes is a laptop, a headset mic, and a webcam.

Still, if your business depends on Zoom to remain profitable, you may want to consider using hardware that’s guaranteed to work seamlessly with the service. If you’re purchasing technology for the corporate conference room or home office, it may be wise to invest in Zoom-certified hardware.

Assured compatibility with Zoom-certified hardware

One way to ensure the devices you choose are guaranteed to work with Zoom is by looking for the Zoom Certified Badge. Zoom’s technical team works alongside third-party labs and hardware vendors to test hardware. The Zoom Certified badge, the company says, lets customers know they can expect a high-quality, reliable communication experience.

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Zoom technicians test camera and speakerphone hardware for Zoom Rooms functionality, ensuring they meet higher standards in both audio and video performance. Zoom Phone-certified cameras and other devices are tested to be fully interoperable with Zoom Phone features to guarantee customers have access to the complete capabilities of the Zoom solution.

When a hardware manufacturer seeks a Zoom-certified Badge for one or more of their products, here’s what they do:

  • Apply for the Hardware Certification Program via Zoom’s website.

  • If the hardware qualifies, the manufacturer submits the hardware to go through the testing and certification process.

  • If the hardware passes the test, it receives a Zoom Certified badge and gets listed on the Zoom Certified Hardware list and the Zoom hardware partner directory.

A wide range of options

For those interested in Zoom-certified cameras, intercom systems, and infrastructure, checking the Zoom website offers a host of resources that can help. And when it comes to searching for Zoom-certified audio and conferencing equipment, there’s no better place to begin than like Yamaha Unified Communications.

Yamaha UC is a proud Zoom technology partner. The company offers a variety of Zoom-certified products including the YVC-1000 USB and Bluetooth conference phone, the YVC-330 Personal Bluetooth Speakerphone, the ADECIA family of communication products, and a wide assortment of microphone systems.

three people working at a desk using yamaha's speakerphone.jpgMore Zoom-certified hardware options from Yamaha UC

These are just a few of the Zoom-certified products Yamaha UC offers. The company also offers a variety of speaker systems, accessories, and other audio solutions guaranteed to help create an outstanding Zoom experience.

No matter what your audio needs may be, Yamaha UC can help. Contact us to speak with an expert and learn more.