How to Avoid Glasses Glare During Video Conferences

Author: Gina Cunsolo


How to Avoid Glasses Glare During Video Conferences

If you wear glasses or need corrective lenses, you’re not alone. According to The Vision Council of America, roughly 64% of adults around the globe wear glasses, translating into at least four billion glasses-wearers worldwide. While many of us who wear glasses also wear contact lenses, the pandemic led many of us to wear contacts far less and wear glasses far more. This might be due to working from home and limiting our time seeing people outside of our home office, as contacts are usually worn when we’re going out to dinner with our friends or a date night with a full face of makeup.


Glasses on the other hand, take little to no effort to wear. They sit on our nightstand right next to our beds and are often the first thing we reach for when we wake up, (besides our cell phones). Once the alarm goes off, we put our glasses on, and make our way to our work from home setup. Eliminating contact lenses means one less step to getting ready for the day, and one more way we made our lives easier in the midst of a stressful pandemic.


Though donning glasses may be easier than inserting contact lenses, there are some downsides to wearing glasses while working from home - primarily, the annoying glare that can ensue during video conferences. It’s happened to all of us: we’ll be on a virtual meeting with a client, and no matter which video conferencing system we use: Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, or even WebEx, we realize that the client can’t see our eyes, but rather can only see the reflection of our screens. This is particularly embarrassing for those moments when we lose our focus and end up scrolling Facebook or LinkedIn during a meeting - and get caught!


Many of us also have used our work from home stipends to invest in a ring light, a Zumy light, or some other kind of source of illumination to make ourselves look better on our conference calls. Here’s the issue: these can also often be seen in our glasses glare, creating distractions both for us and for the other participants in the video conference.


What are some helpful ways to avoid glasses glare during video conferences?


Tips on How to Remove Light Reflection in Glasses

As we know, the glasses glare is caused by light reflection. Here are some tips on removing light reflection from the screen or outside objects around your screen so participants can clearly see your face.


Light Positioning

If you look closely at yourself while you’re on a video call, you can see the light in your glasses. If the light is blocking your eyes, simply adjust the light positioning so it illuminates your face instead. This is easier to accomplish depending on the light source. A desk lamp with a flexible arm can easily twist to face away from your face, while ceiling hanging lights aren’t adjustable at all. In this case, we’d recommend relocating to a spot where the hanging lights are out of the frame.


Webcam Placement

While some of us may not have the luxury of being able to move our entire set up, we can move our webcam. Plus, you don’t need to look directly at your webcam when speaking in a video conference, and you can be creative about how you angle it. Facing the webcam downward can often eliminate the light sources in the background. You can also place a sticker to ‘talk at’ in a spot where you know your glasses won’t pick up light reflections, which can also help keep you focused and accountable while working from home.


Use Less Reflective Light Sourcesshutterstock_1952364793.jpg

Ring lights are popular as they bring out the eyes and help mask blemishes, but for those with glasses it means a prominent circle of light across their lenses during conference calls. As the hybrid work environment increases in popularity, and as we desperately try to stay organized and productive in a hybrid work environment, it may be best for glasses-wearers to ditch the ring light and stick with what’s already in the room. Other sources of light like natural light or different types of lamps can help avoid glasses glare.


Look and Sound Better on Video Conference Calls

For those of us who wear glasses and are constantly battling the glasses glare, we’ve gone over a few ways to help eliminate this issue, including: light positioning, webcam placement, and using less reflective light sources.


However, no matter what you look like, the most important aspect of a conference call is the audio. Yamaha’s conferencing solutions include all aspects of working styles: in the corporate office, work from home, or solutions for the hybrid workplace. For those working from home, our YVC-200 Personal Bluetooth Speakerphone gets the job done. 

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